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RC Part 15: unpacking and assembling of km4 1 / 8 top fire horse herder remote control climbing car - horse Herder's dream in every man's heart-RC Toys China

RC Part 15: unpacking and assembling of km4 1 / 8 top fire horse herder remote control climbing car -- horse Herder's dream in every man's heart


The author has previously written about the trophy truck of KM manufacturer, which gives people the feeling that it is huge, shocking and very violent,However, in addition to the trophy truck, KM's climbing car series has a longer history, all of which have come out of the fourth generation, the new Mercedes Benz AMG G500 4X4 ² And AMG g63 6x6 were also released at the year-end meeting. Well, before the new car goes on the market, the author first introduces the latest 4th generation 1 / 8 climbing car of Raytheon company, which is called km4 in China. In foreign countries, it is called traction hobby founderii (traction hobby formula is a subsidiary brand of Raytheon King motor, referred to as km company for short. Domestic model friends still like to call it km, after all, one plus company).


Say this car is RTR? In fact, it's not exactly, because it can't run like other cars when they install batteries. However, the chassis of the car has been assembled. You only need to fix the shell yourself. After the chassis is assembled, you can see the general structure distribution. The motor and wave box are in the front, and there is a transfer box with reverse transmission in the middle (which can slightly reduce the lower shaft effect). In the box on the right of the transfer box is the receiver, the rear battery board, and then the electric adjustment box. The pedal on the side is CNC processed and has good texture. If you look carefully, you can find that there are 5 steering gears and 6 channels in the whole car.

Turn over and have a thorough look. Although the whole die-casting metal bridge before and after is not CNC, the accuracy of vehicle is enough, but the texture will be slightly inferior to CNC; There are copper counterweights on both sides of the bridge. I can see that the front and rear counterweights are different in size, and the front is larger, so that the center of gravity can be reduced as much as possible and stay ahead, which is conducive to climbing; Metal tie rod and metal transmission shaft must be standard, otherwise such a large and heavy car is easy to break. The front and rear differential locks can be controlled separately. Which wheel can be locked separately when it slips. It has higher playability. If it is not locked at ordinary times, the turning radius will be smaller.

Unpacking and assembling of km4 1 / 8 top fire horse herder remote control climbing car -- the horse Herder's dream in every man's heart

On the side, the pattern of front and rear counterweights is a little different. Although the shock absorber has only one single, it is very powerful to support it, and the red shockproof is very awesome.

The stinger front bar and front hanging buckle are all nylon. If they are replaced with metal, the texture will be better.

There is a reserved towing hook mouth at the back, but the common ones seem to be a little small. You can buy the original ones. However, the author bought a rogue hook and used a few gaskets. It's much better and won't shake. There is also an antenna next to it. It's very fun. It's very soft and not easy to break, even if it rolls over many times.

One disadvantage of the rear battery board is that it is not suitable for long batteries. The author's 3300mah 3S batteries seem to be long, so he had to remove the screws and remove the length limit plate. The switch of the electric regulator is in this position, because the author bought the Yongjun version, upgraded the electric regulator and replaced it with haoying 880 electric regulator, which supports 4S, but there is no 7.4vbec switching, but it can't be used, because if you want to use the high-voltage steering gear, you have to connect the BEC or the battery directly to get the power. Because of the high-voltage BEC of the electric regulator, other shift steering gears may not be able to bear it.

The motor is 550 Black Leather motor, but it is printed with km's own logo and 28T. This is rare, because most black leather motors are 29t. Later, other motors can be replaced, such as haoying's axe 550 series, which is very suitable for this heavy vehicle.

Shock absorber details, springs and shock absorbers are red, in sharp contrast to the black nylon pipe frame, with a strong sense of visual impact. The shock mount is firmly fixed. Don't worry about insufficient strength.

For the front shock absorber, a circle of copper blocks are fixed to add more weight to the front.


There is only one piece in the back. In fact, after taking it down to see the inside, the author also found a mystery. This is not the common cylindrical counterweight. There is a directional counterweight, that is, the copper block is lower, so the center of gravity can be lower and the effect is better.

Four wheel drive and rear drive shift steering gear, this function should only be available in KM one company, and other companies have not designed it. As for what many people say this is useful, in addition to simulating the rear drive and 4WD switching of real cars, in fact, the turning radius of the rear drive will also be smaller than that of the 4WD. When I went to Rizhao competition in Shandong, when the friction on the sand and gravel on the beach is very strong, the turning radius of the rear drive is smaller than that of the 4WD; In addition to the small turning radius, the rear drive can also simulate the real car, which is easier to drift and swing the tail; Finally, there is a simulation method. First use the rear drive off-road. If the vehicle is stuck, then switch to 4WD. The simulation is fun.


At the shift steering gear, combined with the original Fuchs gt5 gun controlled three-stage remote control, it can not only realize high and low speed, but also put into neutral. If the car breaks down, it can be dragged back by other cars and ejected to start. However, try not to operate it, which will hurt the gear too much.

The large tooth fixing cover in front of the wave box can be removed without damage and the tightness of the retracted nut can be adjusted.

The bridge cover is designed obliquely. When supporting the bottom, it is easier to get out of trouble and scratch off the stone than the vertical bridge cover. Die cast bridge covers also have the abbreviation th of traction hobby.

The official upgraded the CNC aluminum alloy bridge cover, which has a better texture than die-casting.

CNC is a little heavier than die-casting, but this weight is good.

After eating, you can see the axle teeth. There are differential, tooth embedded differential lock and the most reliable and simple differential lock. The real car has to switch after stopping. The model is good. You can stop or slow down.


The principle of dental inlay is very simple. There is a spring pushing the fork, and the dental inlay will be stuck on the fork, which is usually locked; If you want to open the differential lock, the steering gear will pull in and let the spring compress.

The appearance of CNC shell has a sense of science and technology.

After talking about the chassis, there are four mudguards. The front two are relatively large.

Instructions and some tool accessories.

Interior sticker

The car shell is painted and the window covering paper is printed and pasted directly. It is very attentive. In this way, players do not need to buy their own covering paper and cut and paste it by themselves. On the right is a pile of logo stickers.

Transparent car shell, and top cover, two separate parts.

On the side, you can see that there are prints on the window and door hinge.

This pile of accessories, ceiling lamp, lampshade, backup mailbox, front face and steering wheel, etc.

This pile of accessories are metal window mesh cover decoration and wheel eyebrows.

This pile of accessories are upgraded angry face, roll cage in the car and armor wheel eyebrow.

Original road tire, metal wheel hub.

Welfare upgrades for road tires and mud tires.

Compared with the two tread patterns, the tread patterns of clay tire are good, with positive and negative order. The correct order is that the sharp part of the "herringbone" points to the front of the car.

The little brother on the left of this picture is the manager of ottsix company. Km company sponsored a climbing competition in the United States.

This tire is made by KM company in conjunction with a well-known climbing tire manufacturer, ottsix company in the United States. For example, the very strong voodoo tire is his family's product.

For the details of mud tires, only 1.9 tires are available on the official website of ottsix, but there is no tread pattern of 2.2.

The size of the tire is printed on the other side. It is 5.3 inches in diameter and 2.2 inches in width. It is suitable for 2.6-inch wheels

The stiffener inside the mud tire.

The road tire is good. It is printed with the authorized dealer mark ma.

Dakar's logo is printed on the other side.

When the receiving box is opened, you can see that the receiver is horizontally fixed on it, which can turn on the gyroscope function of the Fuchs gt5 and run straighter, but the climbing car is not fast and can't be used.


The car shell adopts the internal spraying method. The author happens to have a lot of red paint in his hand, so he sprays it and sprays it outside. Sometimes he will find that some places are not covered completely, so he has to check and repair some points, and stick stickers on the outside of the external spraying.

The door handle also needs to drill holes by itself, and then fix it with its own screws. It's a little troublesome not to drill holes in advance, and we have to keep the height of the front and rear doors as high as possible.

The four eyes next to the handle of the rear door are reserved lamp cup openings.

The steering wheel and gear handle are independent parts. The instrument panel sticker can only be pasted on them because the reserved positions are the same.

The author also installed the weight behind the armor wheel eyebrow and angry face. The car shell with a speed of 1 kg is still quite heavy. However, because there is no roll cage and roof on the top, it is now a convertible car without even a front windshield. However, this performance will be strong. The car shell is installed and can climb a slope of nearly 61 ° according to the slope meter. The performance is still very strong, and the anti roll ability is also very strong.


The author tried the original power sleeve and was not very satisfied with the drag brake, so he replaced the strongest drag brake power sleeve currently used for climbing, haoying axe 550 power sleeve, which can be installed just enough without affecting the shift steering gear.

The next step is to upgrade the ball head cover. The reinforcing ribs of the original nylon ball head cover are not enough, and many people can't move and fall down. I'm directly because the friction of the seaside reef is too strong, so don't bend a few. The picture shows the comparison between the old and new headgear. The one on the right is a little serious.

The top is old and the bottom is new. It can be seen that the new stiffener extends until the ball joint snaps out, so it has stronger bending resistance.

A previously bent ball cap.

Another one fell off. Who knows how I can play with the car.

The official custom-made double motor winch. Unfortunately, the rope is not steel wire. The hook fell off at the beginning of the test, and then tied the dead buckle, which is much better.

The back and the power cord.

The original factory is externally connected with a small remote control, which is directly powered by the vehicle battery, but it's too troublesome to bring another remote control when you go out. The author bought the red winch controller below, which can be controlled by gun when connected to the receiver. It's no longer necessary to take more small winch remote controls.

With a special fixed base, it can be perfectly matched km4 on. Other winches do not have this base, and the hole position is not easy to align and fix.

Completion diagram

Because the installation process was too long, I accelerated 16 times and edited an assembly video.

It looks like a fierce horse herder with an angry face after assembly. Ackerman steering tie rod is adopted for the tie rod, but the disadvantage is that the tie rod should be placed down, so the trafficability will be poor. It is strongly recommended to use the original steering instead of tossing and turning to Ackerman steering. The actual experience is not very different.

According to the details of the original winch, the measured maximum tension is 10kg, so the lifting self weight is no problem.

The author uses the original LED lamp row, so there is no ceiling lamp. This is more beautiful, brighter and smaller.

It can be seen from the side that the shock absorber of the car is still quite high. The texture of the armor wheel eyebrow is very good. The screws are screwed on one by one. The electric screwdriver can be used quickly. It can be done in 10 minutes nationwide.

The fuel tank at the rear can be opened and taken out, which is very convenient. The design of the fuel tank rack is quite reasonable. It's not the kind that can't be fixed and taken down

The 45 ° side is still very handsome. Next time, we will demonstrate the dynamic video of the car, as well as the light and sound group.


Although the km4 climbing car is not 1 / 10 of the conventional mainstream, 1 / 8 looks more domineering. People like big things. A large proportion of cars have stronger performance and more simulated attitude. The overall simulation degree of the vehicle is very high in the soft shell, the performance is not poor, and the multi-channel playability is high. The author upgraded it to the 8-channel of Fuchs NB4, with two more control winches and lights. As for the disadvantages, if the original factory reserves some places that need to be drilled by itself in advance, it will be more friendly to novices. In addition, the screws fixed between metal parts are not fixed with screw glue and need to be glued by themselves. The author ran away the machine screw of the transmission shaft before.


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