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$7.9 can't be fooled: McCoy Bugatti children's remote control toy car red charging upgrade unpacked-RC Toys China

$7.9 can't be fooled: McCoy Bugatti children's remote control toy car red charging upgrade unpacked

Since the last time he spent 14 oceans to buy aofei Q pet's children's remote control toy car for the child, he has had a lot of fun (is it early to play remote control car in ten months?), Thinking about buying him another toy car, I can't buy it for a whole $7.9: McCoy Bugatti children's remote control toy car, red charging and upgraded version, unpacking

This time, the seller sent a postal package, which arrived in three days

Lingbao car family, experience the passion of speed, can catch up with van diesel's old Dodge

The remote control functions include forward, backward, left turn and right turn. Forward also has lights. It has more functions than the previous aofei Q pet remote control car. It only has forward and right turn

After a look, it's produced by Chenghai Lingbao toy factory in Shantou, Guangdong Province. It's a factory in the same place as aofei Q pet toy car. It has 3C logo. It doesn't seem to be three no products

The packaging is very simple. The toy car and remote control are stuffed in a small box without any fixing

After opening, there is a red sports car, remote control, charging line, three rechargeable batteries and two non rechargeable batteries. The seller has a conscience

It's this remote control. I've never seen it so rough. The antenna is directly exposed. It feels like semi-finished products are sent directly

I went back to Jingdong to see the product introduction. It seems so


Tape was used to wrap the antenna in the back to prevent children from scratching it when playing. In other words, the battery cover is not fixed with small screws. Indeed, every penny is worth every penny

Install two No. 5 batteries. Fortunately, press the indicator light to respond. It should not be broken

Next, let's take a look at the remote control car. The plastic texture is very strong, and the front is a little Bugatti Veyron. It has a strong sense of Shanzhai

However, the wheels are still like that. I tried to remove the outer layer of tires. I hope it's not easy to fall off when thrown by children

The battery cover of the remote control car is screwed with small screws

There is a paddle on the chassis. I don't know what to use. Please tell me if you understand it

This remote control with this car is a clear stream in the cottage industry. The workmanship is not as good as the remote control car favored by aofei Q. after all, people are worth 14 yuan for two of them

The manufacturer is equipped with three rechargeable batteries. The conscience of the industry is that in theory, the battery life is 2100ma and you can play for 20 minutes

Install the battery, screw in the screws and play to see the effect

Since Biotherm Q pet remote control car has more back and turn buttons, it is still more sensitive to drive than it, child It was played soon. Today, I won the first place in the child king climbing competition by relying on the temptation of this car

Forward and backward are also very flexible, like arms and fingers. The headlights are still on when moving forward


Usage Summary:

1. The price is cheap. The remote-control car costs seven yuan and nine parcels of mail, and also gives three rechargeable batteries and two ordinary batteries. The seller must have lost money. The assembled 4WD car I played 20 years ago costs twenty or thirty yuan. If it was refitted, it costs hundreds. The price now is different from that year;

2. The remote control car has a strong sense of Shanzhai, which is a little similar to the shape of Bugatti Veyron. The remote control is very simple. The shift friend who bought it had better wrap the antenna;

3. Although the workmanship of the remote control car is not as good as that of aofei Q pet, and it can't play music, it's better to control it sensitively. It can circle around the front and back. It's playable. It's still OK for children to play by themselves. It doesn't hurt even if it's broken. In general, it's worth buying!
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