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A new toy just started - wahkol traverser runner 250-RC Toys China

A new toy just started - wahkol traverser runner 250

Last year's double 11, I got together and joined a set of aerial camera of DJI P2 + 3D PTZ (I really don't like it. Now ordinary people call it "UAV") and went into the pit from then on. Not to mention, Shuang 12 bought another set of DJI p2-vision just to be used as a reconnaissance aircraft, with two more batteries and one charger. As we all know, the rate of DJI P2 fried chicken is very high. It is said that the proportion of novices exceeds 70% in one year. In addition to the more intuitive training of "reconnaissance aircraft", it can also truly reflect whether there are other jamming sources on the flight route. After all, the cost of vision is much cheaper than that of P2 PTZ (about 1 / 3 of the price). In this way, the total investment of the DJI family is almost 15K, including 2 sets of aerial camera, protection paddles (not used much, except for indoor attitude mode flight), 5 batteries, on-board charger, 5 sets of 9450 & 9223 paddles each (due to careful flight, there is no chance to use the second new toy, wahkol traverser runner 250), aluminum box, backpack

Now let's take a look at the aerial photography at that time. Both shooting methods and flight conditions are amateur. But I haven't made much progress now. The reason is that the road has deviated.

Other parts of Feiyou's works happen to have mobile phones. Just take them out and share them. I took the back three bridges.

The advantage of DJI P2 is that the flight is stable and makes me confident (maybe the first one is it when I study, so now the feeling of other platforms flying is not as confident as P2). In early July, I went to Hainan. In order to see the coastline, I flew 1700 meters in a straight line. Then I returned for safety. After returning, 47% of the power remained. Perhaps it can be proved that as long as you are not the switch hand and maintain a certain route and speed, the blank time can exceed 25 minutes.

Since I started to play DJI, there are more and more people I know & don't know. We have established our own flying friends group to exchange flying skills and shooting methods... Through wechat group, I slowly deviated from my original goal (I just wanted to take pictures from another angle and make a video for my family to record my life), and gradually became pure flying.

In February 2015, new products of Xplorer aerial UAV were released

However, it didn't interest me much at that time, because there were not many highlights, which was similar to DJI vision.

Then DJI P3 was released, and various indicators (especially lightbridge digital map transmission as standard configuration) were significantly improved compared with P2, while the price remained unchanged. It seems to be. You can tell me with your wallet - hold it back and save money to buy inspire.

However, after the release of zero degree explorer, it has not been listed yet, but there is an explosive news, that is, the price is reduced! One third of the price is reduced. Both version V and version g of explorer reach 3999 yuan, and the price of ordinary version is 2499 yuan.

Well, let's play in one. Who makes me like its appearance. The first time I bought it, I came here to get se (cheat gold coins), which was a post at that time

Xplorer is light and small. Automatic pot brushing and follow-up are all the places that attract me. 7 / 20 (I just saw the link on his official website) barrier technology was released, which is faster than DJI M100. And in the video, it's a gadget installed on Xplorer V. It seems that it's fun to try again.

At a gathering of flying friends, a master Gao shared many videos with us,

For example, Star Wars style

And his idea is that we set up a club, let all flying friends who like to cross the plane communicate together, and teach us a lot of theoretical knowledge. On the day of the party, he brought some shuttles.

Of course, you can also play other FPV models

Well, I have to admit that I was fascinated. When I came home, I asked him for the configuration of the whole shuttle. Unfortunately, after studying for a long time and not having confidence in yourself (DIY, you need to constantly test the balance of various components), I just saw that huakol has a set of assembled traverser runner 250, which just meets all my requirements (finally gathered several well-known brands in China, DJI, zero, huakol), that's it. It's less than 1700 yuan for the golegger, but the price is not as high as 2700 yuan for the golegger itself.

As the saying goes, before the soldiers and horses move, the food and grass go first. Since they start to enter the field of aircraft models, the surrounding accessories should be matched, such as charger (start from basic class B6) and rechargeable battery. It cost a lot.

Rechargeable batteries arrive first, 11.1v 2200mAh (2700mah) 3S 25C in two days. I have to say that there are so many things to learn.

Master Gao suggested that 1500 MAH batteries be equipped in the future, so that the weight can be lighter. The two-day battery is still good, and eco series has high cost performance.

Before charging the battery, contact the charger with balance punch function for the first time, and connect the balance hole & XT60 plug at the same time. However, in order to protect the battery and prolong its service life, it is still worth it.

Wahkol crossing machine runner 250 order drying link:

7 / 24 TB orders, and the seller will not deliver goods on Sunday. Since I bought the luxury version of the aluminum box, I simply didn't send it to me in the outer packaging. I put it directly in the aluminum box, which not only saves space, but also protects the aircraft. (it's clearly the seller's argument that he wants to save the express delivery fee. The new toy he just started - wahkol crossing machine runner 250) but it uses SF. The seller didn't tell me this in advance. When I buy it, let's make a comprehensive evaluation.

I received the box on the afternoon of July 29 (I saw it delivered in the morning and didn't deliver it until 16:29 PM). I believe if you buy something, it must be the hardest time when you don't receive the goods. If you buy something you like.

Can't wait to open the box, inside a layer of foam pad, come out is the aluminum box. It is said that the aluminum box is just a plastic plate box + aluminum frame (I had a brief understanding when buying DJI boxes before), but the advantage is light weight and cheap price.

After unpacking, take out the instructions first. But the instructions are all in English. Do you think the English of domestic players is super good? Or do you think the overseas market is your main market? What's more ridiculous is that the download area of goggle 2 glasses on huacole's official website reported 404 errors.

The following are Chinese instructions for your reference.

Warcor runner 250 quick assembly instructions.

If you are interested in traversing machines, but like me, you have little experience, then this instruction is very suitable for you to read.

Runner 250 instructions

To play the crossing plane, you should be ready for fried chicken (although I haven't encountered it until now), but the crossing plane must face this problem, so it is necessary to match more pairs of oars. Buy 4 pairs first and prepare them. The price of small-size oars is also cheap. At least it is much more kind than DJI.

The aluminum box design is still good, but only one set of batteries can be put down.

In order to best show the aircraft, shoot the scene. 1 + responsible for simple recording, toothpaste factory responsible for macro, Dafa responsible for larger pictures

Let's first look at the propeller. The installation method of the propeller adopts the self tightening propeller (the advantage is that it is easy to install, and the more you turn, the tighter it becomes), but for large-size propeller or forward and reverse motor, the self tightening propeller is dangerous. The workmanship looks average, and the black coating is quite uniform, but the injection molding process needs to be strengthened at the screw fixing position. I use DJI 9450 and zero degree paddles as references.

Next is the remote control devo 7 of huakol. Those who play aerial photography know that huakol is very kind on the remote control & camera. The aerial camera of the same level as P2 vision (I mean price and performance) adopts a 6-axis aircraft, and the remote control has its own display screen. Although this set of runner 250 is not expensive, it is also equipped with an entry-level devo7 remote control. But to be honest, seeing the messy buttons makes me a little overwhelmed (compared with DJI's concise and zero degree excellent design), and the feel is not very good.

Because it is a traversing machine without GPS module and only supports manual mode, I chose the remote control of the left throttle (American hand). The left throttle does not have force feedback and automatic centering function. But every time you operate, the display at the bottom of the remote control will show the current throttle.

Let's talk about the battery box. A total of 8 batteries need to be installed on the front and back. Aunt Zhang's Amazon Basics series, which has been recommended by duty friends, came on stage.

But this battery box is very difficult to take out. Why didn't Wacker design a rope at the bottom to pull it out? Although there is a socket at the bottom of the right side of the remote control, it supports charging these 8 batteries. But I'm not sure. So I processed it myself, so it was convenient to take out the battery box.

The following factory is the original battery. When I first saw the 11.1v 2200mAh 3S 25C battery, I was thinking about whether it was transferred by unscrupulous merchants? This is completely a three noes product. There is no brand, production date, manufacturer and other information. Specially open the official website of huakol for verification, and the result is: This is indeed the original battery of huakol. Well, even if you are not as black as DJI or zero (make smart batteries through chips, so as to restrict players from buying ordinary batteries at will, so as to make more profits), you can put your own brand and logo.

The weight is 175g, 3G heavier than the two-day one, almost 2%.

The glasses, which account for 60% of the price in this suit, are on the stage. It can be seen from the model that this is the second generation product. I consulted the seller before buying and got the verification from master Gao. This kind of glasses is good (better than the entry-level fat shark, while the price of fat shark with higher index is much more expensive). I have also considered the Epson of other flying friends in the group and the Sony / Sony hmz-t3 that I have been paying attention to, but these models only support HDMI digital image transmission without built-in 5.8G image transmission. Considering that there is already a set of Eagle Vision display screen, we still enter the products of huacole. At present, the industry only supports HDMI output (consumer market) based on DJI lightbridge digital image transmission, but a set of image transmission is more than 8000, which has to be abandoned. Also, the most important point is that the crossing machine is different from the aerial camera. Because the crossing machine can be played by FPV, it has high requirements for delay, and digital image transmission has no advantage in this regard. The workmanship of Wacker goggle 2 glasses is much better than that of aircraft or remote control.

In addition to the rod antenna, it is also equipped with mushroom head antenna. Then choose according to the actual situation.


All supporting instructions are in English. All supporting instructions are in English. All supporting instructions are in English. (it seems to be popular recently, and the playing method of saying important things three times) so many functions can only be explored by themselves. I looked at the glasses. There was no switch and no built-in battery. But when I found this thing and saw the slot plug with 2S, it should be the supporting battery. The original charger supports 2S (charging glasses) and 3S (original battery) charging. Players who don't buy an extra charger don't have to spend more. However, it is really recommended that the manufacturer should make the external power supply in the future to support the power supply mode of charging treasure, so that there is no need to bring one more thing. Or support the charging mode of power bank.

This button can slide left and right, up and down, and can be used to adjust the color saturation and brightness of the image.

This is the power input port. The round hole on the right is the video input and output hole (unfortunately, it is analog signal, not digital), which can also be used as a small TV occasionally.

Official picture description

Here comes the main body of the aircraft, with a wheelbase of 250 and a full body carbon fiber frame, which makes it look domineering.

Front 45 °

The front light on the right, LED lighting, has high brightness.

At the rear of the battery XT60 connector, on its 2 side is the red LED tail lamp

Core component - flight control system

The workmanship of radio tuner is very good. Although I don't quite understand the differences between these and other brands, it is very neat in terms of workmanship, which can be compared with non cottage products.


Summary of the use of the walker traverser runner 250:

7 / 30, sunny to light rain to sunny, location: Yixing.

I took it on vacation with confidence. I thought I would have no problem flying DJI. As long as I can control hovering, I should have no problem flying this multi axis machine. As a result... The fried chicken (virgin fried) gave me a kick in the ass less than 20s after taking off!!! A new toy just started - wahkol traverser runner 250

Don't admit defeat and keep flying. It has to be said that due to the carbon fiber structure + ultra lightweight fuselage, the traverser fell from a height of 4 meters at most, and there was no problem at all. Fly a few times, blow up a few times, completely let me admit defeat. It's hard to control! Therefore, it is suggested that the shift friends who only fly the GPS function aircraft should not easily try to cross the aircraft. It is totally two things.

About the control video, I really don't. The reason is: GoPro and other sports cameras can be installed on the crossing aircraft, but I can't install them until I'm good at it. In case of fried chicken, I can reduce the loss. Secondly, my level is not good. Only master Gao can surpass me. They have to go to work these days, so it is impossible to shoot my remote control (and it's meaningless to shoot my remote control. No, it's important to shoot aerial video). My idea is that when I practice well, I can take videos and upload them, and then send continuous posts. How about that? Our goal is to set up a team of crossing aircraft players in modu. We can find a safe flight site and design our own flight routes and rules.

Control experience: for the traverser, I have no other rules except to tell you (including myself) to practice the simulator well. Other flying friends in the group said that it was monsters who didn't fry chicken when playing through aircraft. Their level should be improved by flying more and frying more. They suggested that I, according to my current situation (flying friends who are familiar with GPS flying method), directly find a large piece of grass and fly FPV. Don't start to practice visually.








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