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A toy supercar that can "breath fire", Best Childhood Lightning Spray Remote Control Car-RC Toys China

A toy supercar that can "breath fire", Best Childhood Lightning Spray Remote Control Car


Boys are born with a unique and obsessive preference for cars, and my son is certainly no exception. As a six-year-old child, from childhood to adulthood, at all ages, he bought too many toy cars for him, among which remote control toy cars accounted for a large proportion. Today, I bought him another remote control car-Best Childhood Lightning Spray Remote Control Car. This car is not the same as the previous remote control cars, because it can "breath fire". I will show you the following. This is a car that "breathes fire".

Simple unpacking

Open the package, first open the accessories package, including 3.7V 900MHA rechargeable battery pack, dropper, screwdriver, and charging cable. The large-capacity battery pack provides a lasting power source for the remote control racing car; the dropper is used to add water to the car spray device; the screwdriver is mainly used for the removal of the battery cover of the car and the remote control, and as a new car, it must be used to remove the screws that fix the car; the charging cable Of course it's charging the battery pack.

After removing the screws that fix the new car with a screwdriver, a cool remote control car is displayed in front of me. This car comes in two colors, red and blue. I bought the festive Chinese red, which is very dazzling and beautiful.

Installation and detail display

Open the battery cover of the car and remote control with a screwdriver, insert the 3.7V rechargeable battery pack (be sure to fully charge it for the first use) and two AA batteries (need to be purchased separately by the user) and cover the battery cover to fix it it is good. Here, you need to pay attention to the placement of the 3.7V rechargeable battery pack in the position shown in the figure, so as not to protrude and affect the installation of the battery cover.

After the battery is installed, let's take a look at the design details of the remote control car. This remote control car is in the shape of an assembly line sports car. It adopts a 1:12 simulation scale and four-wheel drive, which can achieve all-round drift. The material used in the car is also very thick. As the so-called "you get what you pay for", the price of this material is absolutely worth it.

The tire adopts a unique Mecanum wheel, each tire is composed of multiple small rollers, this special tire can realize a variety of stunt operations, the power is strong during driving, the speed on the road is fast, and it can conquer all kinds of roads. Run as fast as you can.

There is a "WATER INTEL" water injection port above the rear of the body, which is different from other remote control cars. Its function is to provide continuous and sufficient clean water storage for the car remote control spray.

Finally, let’s focus on the soul of this remote control car, which is the exhaust port at the rear. The clean water added through the water injection port will be operated by remote control in this link to achieve a cool “fire-breathing” water vapor spray effect, and experience the real racing experience.

Play experience

Before the remote control operation, you need to understand the button functions of the remote control. In addition to the daily forward/backward, left/right turn, there are two more operation buttons than ordinary remote control cars. The front left button is the automatic demonstration button, and the front right button is the spray button. function keys.

After you are familiar with the buttons of the remote control, the next step is to perform the frequency pairing operation between the car and the remote controller. First turn on the switch on the bottom of the vehicle body, and then turn on the switch on the back of the remote controller. When the indicator light of the remote controller is off, the frequency pairing is completed. When the body switch is turned on, the colored lights of the four tires flicker, which is very cool, especially in low light conditions, the color contrast is more intense, dazzling and beautiful, just looking at this appearance, I already love it (not only children , adults also like it very much...).

Can't wait to play, let's try the forward/backward operation first, the response is very timely, the signal is basically not delayed, and it hits back directly when going backwards, the power under the high-speed motor is very strong, suitable for a variety of roads, I absolutely Believe in this strength.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot an important thing, which is to add water to the car spray nozzle, so that the subsequent "fire-breathing" effect can be achieved. Unscrew the rubber cap, and use the dropper in the accessory bag to add water to the sink (it is recommended to add pure water to avoid clogging of the spray port caused by tap water), and do not overflow the bottle mouth, so as to avoid short circuit of the circuit board caused by water overflow, and finally Just put the lid on.

After the water filling operation is completed, do you still remember the spray button on the right front of the remote control? Press the spray button, and the water vapor spray from the exhaust port light is sprayed out, which is really like "spitting fire". With the roar of the car engine, you can really experience the real feeling of the racing car. This is really cool. This is the biggest highlight of this Best Childhood Lightning Spray Remote Control Car.

After demonstrating for so long, my son by my side couldn't hold back and was in a hurry. No, he has already taken it away. The young man is very quick to get started. He moves forward, backward, circles, drifts, and breathes fire. He has a great time and can't put it down. It seems that other models of remote control cars are going to be left out recently.


Advantages: Compared with the remote control cars I bought before, this Best Childhood Lightning Spray remote control car is very professional and thoughtful from the perspective of children, both in terms of materials and design concepts. Especially the "fire-breathing" effect under bright lights makes this remote control car more realistic, which is unmatched by other brands of remote control cars.

Disadvantages: After a few days of experience, I still found some shortcomings. For example, the volume of the water tank for storing water is a bit small. If you continue to spray and play for a while, you need to add water again. If the volume of the water tank can be larger, it will be more perfect.

In general, this Best Childhood Lightning Spray Remote Control Car is really cool and fun. If you give it to a child as a gift, he will definitely love it.

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