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Best Childhood Lightning Remote Control Car that can not only run but also "breathe fire"

Best Childhood Lightning Remote Control Car that can not only run but also "breathe fire"

Purchase reason

To see more and more closer to the Christmas, children gifts haven't landing, although the holiday is a import, but the children in the kindergarten will get together to discuss what Santa Claus sent his gift, so, as long as the correct guidance, not blind worship, oddly enough, my little princess grew up in addition to like dolls, incredibly still likes all kinds of cars, There are several excavator forklift trucks at home, before seeing the remote control car on TV is very fun to buy, afraid that she is too small to control it has not promised, now going to primary school, it is time to meet her wish, best childhood lightning spray remote control car, arrangement.

The appearance shows

Ritual sense is still necessary, while the children did not get up, put the gift under the Christmas tree, the box is a little big, did not find the right wrapping paper, wrapped a ribbon meaning once.

Got the heart of the gift, has been happy from ear to ear, three five in addition to two opened the package, well, how can not get the car down?

Don't worry, the car is fixed to the base, the back is also tied to the remote control, you have to remove to play, let me feel first. Inherited from dad's hands, the screwdriver is a smooth to use.

The Best Childhood Lightning Spray remote control car comes in two colors, blue and red, so your kids can choose whatever they like. Mine is blue. The overall size of the car is relatively large, up to 33cm in length, 19cm in width and 12cm in height.

May take don't see the actual size, so it is with the raider buggy I played as a child to make a comparison, the gap is very big, big body and provide the most intuitive advantage is built-in battery can do more, best childhood lightning spray are using the original remote control car 900 mah large capacity battery, can play 1 hour at a time.

The chassis is where the battery and power switch are installed. Remove the cover and install the pre-charged battery. The car comes with an 18500 battery and USB charger, as well as a small eyedropper for later use.

The remote control also needs batteries, of course. Two AA batteries will do.

Turn on the switch of the body and the remote control respectively, and then hear the roar of a car engine started, accompanied by four tires bright red and blue running lights, the sound and light effect is very in place.

You may have noticed that the wheels of this remote control car are a little different. Yes, the tires are inspired by the McNamm wheels. They are powerful.

Since it is a remote control car, must be inseparable from the remote control, shape size is moderate, children can easily master, control mode is relatively simple, left hand control before and after, right hand control around, left top button for automatic demonstration function, right top button is powerful, can let the car "breathing fire" oh.

Use feeling

The automatic demonstration is very easy to understand, for the first time contact with this remote control car, you can intuitively understand the car's motion state and can achieve functions, just need to be in a more spacious place to carry out.


Through automatic demo, we could see the car in the process of driving in addition to tire shine, in the middle of the rear lights will light up, at the same time also can see a mist, this is the best childhood lightning spray the origin of the name, remote control cars, tail installed a efficient atomization device, can be controlled by a remote control button on the right.

To achieve spray, also need to do one thing in advance, that is to add water to the remote control car, open the tail of the rubber plug, use the small eyedropper seen before, after adding purified water can achieve the effect of "breathing fire".

And the lighting effect at the end is also two-part, just like the super car in the movie suddenly accelerates, changing from red to blue, with realistic sound effects, making the whole picture look very shocking.

Although this is only a common small part in the humidifier, but combined with the remote control car, make the small toy car suddenly improve the grid, we have to admire the designer's imagination.

Especially for children who have never seen the world, the remote control car can turn 360° infinite circle, there are all kinds of tail drift stunt, coupled with the wonder of "breathing fire", it is happy to jump three feet high.

Cool operation, a variety of fancy play, exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability but also can enhance reaction, cultivate patience and confidence, after all, the car runs up very fast, no good reaction ability but at any time to smash into pieces.


With the support of McNamham wheel, multi-directional driving, panning and sliding can be achieved, so that the driving smooth to the end. In particular, the steering function is more flexible than the ordinary remote control car.

Not only suitable for indoor driving, outdoor road is also no problem, relatively flat fitness trail, potholed brick road, the Best childhood Lightning spray remote control car built-in high-speed motor motor, powerful, smooth traffic.


The child's wish is relatively easy to meet, looking at her holding the remote control happily driving his own super car, the side of the old father is also showing a gratified smile, but the little princess's Christmas gift solved, what should be sent to the queen of the family? This is another headache.



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