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Cheapest RC Hovercraft-RC Toys China

Cheapest RC Hovercraft

There are many kinds of RCs. After playing with normal boats, I want to try other boats. Hengguan has produced a Buffalo hovercraft. The price details are good, but the steering structure is not simulated, so I am a little discouraged. Later, I found a small hovercraft with the same principle on the Internet, so I decided to try it out.

After unpacking, there is only a hovercraft and a remote control. Compared with the remote control, you generally know how big the boat is.

The overall shape of this hovercraft is relatively simulated, not ugly. The top center has a yellow grille, and there are buttons and sockets at the back.

The front view shows that the cockpit is very angular.

The side of the hovercraft is also angular, the overall red is well matched with the silver and black parts, and the color matching is not bad. The protective cover of the propulsion blade at the rear is conical, and the style of the engine is also made, which is quite simulated.

There are 2 huge propulsion fans at the stern of the hovercraft, with 3-bladed propellers and a protective cover with spiral patterns.

In addition to a large leather pad at the bottom of the hovercraft, there is an air outlet in the middle to discharge the excess gas after the air pad is filled. Through the grille, you can still see the foam inside, which is presumably used to increase buoyancy.

Through the grille, you can also see the fan inside.

The air intake grille on the top of the hovercraft can also be vaguely seen inside the fan.

Behind the air intake grille is the charging port with a waterproof cover. Make sure that no water enters when playing. Next to it is an indicator light, followed by a switch button.

There is also a five star in the front of the cockpit of the hovercraft, and 05 is printed on the top.

The charging cable that comes with the hovercraft cannot be taken out because the battery is built-in. It can only be charged in this way, and it cannot be replaced with other plugs. It takes a long time to fully charge it, which is very slow. I hope that there are charger manufacturers who can produce a universal charger specifically for this low-end remote control product.

The overall appearance of the hovercraft is still good. This is a state of no inflation, the air cushion is suffocated, and the bottom support can be placed on the table smoothly.


This is a video of the hovercraft launching into the water, the noise is a bit loud, and it can play and drift on smooth tiles when fully charged. The disadvantage is that the throttle linearity is very poor, although it is not the kind of traditional switch throttle, but there are not a few linear intervals, and the steering relies on the forward and reverse rotation of the left and right motors to achieve a U-turn in place. Because there is no rudder, it is not easy to control the direction on the water surface, and it depends on the two blades at the back, so it is easy to spin in place, not straight, and easily affected by the wind. The excess gas discharged from the middle of the bottom will make the hovercraft jump. Other aspects are not bad, as soon as the switch is turned on, the inflated motor keeps working.

In general, this hovercraft has the same principle as the real hovercraft, and can experience the fun of the hovercraft. The price is not bad, and I am generally satisfied.


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