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City Express Speed City Electric RC Toy Car-RC Toys China

City Express Speed City Electric RC Toy Car

Speedcity is an exclusive brand of Toys R Us, mainly designing and producing vehicle models, remote control cars and other toys. Today, let's introduce the electric remote control toy car of the city express line speedcity.

The front of the package adopts a transparent package, which can visually see the vehicle. The toy information is marked on the front of the package, 1:14 big cart. Package size 40cm*26cm*20cm. The size is large and it is very good to give away.

The back of the package shows that the vehicle can go forward, backward, and turn left and right. On the top right is a photo of the remote control.

Unpacking, the vehicle looks very cool, and the packaging in the box is designed with a colorful background, which is very speedy.

The bottom is fixed with bolts, and the vehicle is separated from the package only by unscrewing the bolts. Very convenient and sturdy.

As soon as the remote control is given in the box, there is a red painted big cart.

There is a manual, the toy is not complicated, and the content is relatively simple.

The remote control is made of plastic, the top antenna is also plastic, and it is designed to be round, which is very safe for friends to play with. The remote control is a push rod type, the left hand controls the forward, and the right hand controls the left and right.

The battery box on the back needs to be unscrewed with a screwdriver to open the back cover, and the remote control needs 2 AA batteries. The remote control adopts 2.4G frequency, which has strong anti-interference ability, and the control range of 100m is definitely no problem.

Let's take a look at the big bike. At first glance, I was shocked by the four huge tires, and it was full of power. The vehicle is about 30cm long. About 25cm wide. However, the front wheel direction of the vehicle is a bit small and the turning radius is large. But this may have something to do with its giant wheel, which is too big to turn too far.

The front bumper is also very domineering and can be said to be unstoppable.

The paint on the top of the car is also very beautiful. From the top, the four huge tires can no longer be wrapped by the body.

The whole body is made of plastic material, the surface is smooth without burrs, the workmanship is fine, and there is no peculiar smell.

The hub design is also very beautiful, the tires are made of soft plastic, the middle is hollow, the elasticity is very good, and the friction is also large.

The front air intake is painted with mesh, and the lights are made of transparent plastic parts. If you can add lamp beads, it will be better to light the lights when you are playing.

The tail shape is a bit single, and there is no painting.

The top of the rear trunk is printed. The taillights are also made of transparent plastic parts, and the texture is not bad.

The front wheel shock absorber toy is depicted, but it is only depicted without any shock absorption function.

The same goes for the rear wheels, but the dual shocks look really good.

Let's take a look at the bottom, the front wheel has a fine adjustment of the direction of the front wheel.

The bottom is black as a whole, and a simple car chassis structure is depicted. The lower left is the switch, and the battery compartment cover is fixed with screws.

The vehicle requires 5 AA batteries for power.

The chassis height of the big truck is 2.5cm, basically as long as the obstacles below this height are not difficult to cross.

The details of the silver bracket on the rear side of the cab are not bad, but the tail box is too flat and has no shape.

The drawing of the body is still quite handsome, and the details of the rear mirror are good, and it can really reflect the back.

The car pull flower on the top adds a lot of color to the vehicle, and the lighting on the top is also very good.

The pattern of the tires and the road conditions that this giant wheel cannot adapt to. The off-road performance of the toy is still great.

Finally, to sum up this 1:14 electric remote control car, the overall shape design and workmanship are not bad, the material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell, and the surface is smooth. Although the local details are not enough, it is a remote control car after all, not a simulation car. As a remote control car, it is still very good, and the 2.4G frequency remote control is stable and anti-interference. The vehicle has good handling and strong off-road climbing ability. The only drawback is that the turning radius is large and the flexibility is not enough.

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