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Creative modeling and building to stimulate children's creativity: Eggball magnetic suction fire truck experience-RC Toys China

Creative modeling and building to stimulate children's creativity: Eggball magnetic suction fire truck experience

Car toys are definitely the favorite of boys. Boys love cars, girls love dolls, and simple childhood life is these companions. With the development of science and technology, toys have become more and more diverse, from simple pullback cars, to assembled building blocks, to magnetic fire trucks, which are fun and fun, and children like them very much.

Recently, I just bought a magnetic fire truck from Danbaole. It is not only a toy, but also can exercise children's brain power during the assembly process. Follow the steps to build vehicles of various shapes, so that children can be more Hands-on ability and sense of design. This is also the reason why I started this Ombola Variety Fire Truck. Come and learn about this magnetic sheet fire truck with me!

The packaging of the product adopts a gift box packaging design, which is super good for friends and colleagues, and the whole outer packaging is very cool and exquisite, with a comprehensive product picture display, various shapes of design, can achieve this level of children's products. pretty good.

At the bottom of the box is the introduction of the accessories of the product, the quantity and composition of each accessory and the operation plan of the remote control buttons, as well as the use and download of the APP, and multiple modes of control, which are very convenient for children to play.

When I opened the box, I was surprised again. The shape design on the lid was richer and more comprehensive, with 19 shapes and designs, making it more interesting to build. There is a very comprehensive combination of accessories in the box, three sets of tire combinations, and then accessories such as remote control and lift ladders. There are various combinations and various effects.

I started to look at the details of the accessories. Whether it is the spray painting, the front part of the car, and the tire design, they are all very detailed and exquisite, and the design of the simulated car is more realistic.

Children love to build since childhood, from the simplest large-particle building blocks to magnetic programming building blocks, and will give him some Lego-like products in the future to enhance his hands-on ability and logical ability. It is worth how to combine each part into a finished toy car.

The seemingly simple magnetic attraction is actually not so simple, but the magnetic core made of nickel-plated permanent magnet material can attract more than a dozen pieces of ceramics in one piece, and the attraction is super strong. And in terms of material, it is also imported ABS material, which is wear-resistant and drop-resistant, and environmentally friendly and not easy to deform.

The design of various shapes, the matching of various accessories, and the 8+N shape matching are suitable for children's brain development, very suitable for children's hands-on ability, and stimulate children's creativity. Children prefer fire trucks. After the basic modeling is completed, they can build water tank trucks, dry powder fire trucks, foam fire trucks, climbing platforms, and rescue cranes according to their ideas. All the fire truck shapes we can see in daily life can be built. Children like it very much.

After the construction is completed, the sense of reality is super strong, and the children's design ideas are also opened. There are also various wheel combinations and various accessories to build. The seemingly simple magnetic attraction building blocks can easily build a complete fire truck.

This magnetic suction truck is also equipped with a remote control. The design of each button is very delicate. Children can learn quickly. It is simple and convenient to control the toy car according to the buttons of the remote control.

Of course, not only the wireless remote control can control the toy car, but also can be controlled remotely through the mobile phone APP. It can also program and control the magnetic assembly blocks to exercise children's logical thinking. There are also rich programming learning videos in the APP, as well as gravity Induction design, intelligent voice control, and a variety of combination mode control, let children play with joy.

A good toy is not only a simple toy, but also can develop children's innovative ability, so that children can improve their hands-on ability and thinking and logic ability. The ultimate goal of toys is to entertain and educate. Children like this versatile fire truck very much. The unique design and assembly style also allow children to have a comprehensive understanding of fire protection products, and it is also a kind of worship and yearning for firefighters. The product design of Eggball is very practical and interesting. It is very suitable for preschool children to build. Are you also tempted?

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