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Dazi Talks Toys Article 107: 300 yuan can't go back to Hong Kong, but it can bring happiness-Mangniu MN-99S remote control climbing car unpacking-RC Toys China

Dazi Talks Toys Article 107: 300 yuan can't go back to Hong Kong, but it can bring happiness---Mangniu MN-99S remote control climbing car unpacking

Creative position statement: real unboxing, objective evaluation

Hello, I'm Gundam. Write another game review before you travel. This time, I will unpack an RC remote control climbing car for you. The reason for this review is that I have always wanted to buy this entry-level climbing car, and there is almost no details about this car on the Internet. Play reviews. In terms of configuration, only one more battery is required, so the final price is 303 yuan. 300 yuan, I should not be able to return to Hong Kong, but it can give me a whole afternoon of happiness~

Started naughty a few years ago brand Naughty/Wanpy Followers: 217 Established in 1998, it is a pet brand under Yantai China Pet Food Co., Ltd. Wanpy was founded by Mr. Hao Zhongli. Its popular products include canned chicken for naughty dogs, naughty small dog adult dog food, and naughty dog ​​head rolls. The design and construction of Wanpy pet food factory are completely in accordance with China's export food standards and meet the requirements of all importing countries. 1122 Commodity encyclopedia 456 good price 565 Community Articles Dragon's entry-level climbing is half a card, there is no proportional remote control, and the motor is really weak, so the appearance is relatively cool. And there are not many upgrade kits at the beginning. However, in recent years, the level of domestic climbing cars has been constantly improving. Even the original Naughty Dragon and Banka has a lot of modification plans. If you like half card, you may wish to read the following article.

After the foreplay is over, let's get to the main topic, let's take a look at the quality of the MN-99S (later called MN99S) of Mangniu.

Part 1. Unpacking

The ratio of MN99S is 1:12, and the packaging is relatively large. So it is also a good choice for gift giving. The front and back of the package are two finishes of this product. And my choice of iron gray paint is not reflected in the packaging.

If you don't want to do it later, the two paints on the cover are actually pretty good. In particular, the paint of Gulf Oil seems to be the most popular of the three colors.

Unpack it and everything is down there. The model will come with a sticker, the content of the sticker is mainly the painting of the camel cup. So if you want to stick this set of stickers, I personally recommend buying iron gray. In addition, the product itself comes with two 2000mAh rechargeable batteries, which I personally think is enough.

The details of the body need to be cut and assembled by players themselves.

Part 2. Model display

So, stick to the stickers. After sticking it, the car feels more like a model.

The size of the vehicle is as follows

In terms of chassis, the MN-99S uses a structure common to climbing cars. Except for the two girders and the necessary bearings/screws, everything is plastic.

However, judging from the materials used, the quality of the other components is indeed much better than that of the original Naughty Dragon, except that the gears of the gearbox will be brushed when encountering difficult climbing.

The car shell is not a quick-release structure, but 6 screws need to be removed. When removing the car shell, pay attention to the rear light bus connector and remember to unplug it.

For the suspension, normal springs are used. The red springs visually enhance the texture.

But there is one thing to say, after all, it is just a simple spring structure, so naturally there is no damping. Judging from the performance of the drop test and the actual climbing process, the jumping of the body is very obvious. Fortunately, you can upgrade the hydraulic adjustable shock absorber for 70 yuan later.

Let's take a look at the details of the body. In addition to the plastic feel, in fact, the overall details personally feel that it has been done decently for an RC climbing bike in this price range.

The interior is detailed and I personally feel that the portrayal is not bad.

The tires are centrally controlled soft tires. If the chassis is a little heavier, it can present the feeling of "low tire pressure", which can improve a part of the grip.

The MN-99S designs the battery in the engine compartment. This design has two advantages, balancing the front and rear and raising the battery position to facilitate wading. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh, and I have played for 1 hour + still has electricity, which is very good.

In terms of lighting, the original factory gave headlights, reversing lights and turn signal controls. Turn on the headlights/reversing lights respectively when going forward/backward. When turning, the front and rear turn signals on the side of the turning direction illuminate.

Finally, let's talk about the remote control. The MN-99S uses a 2.4G remote control and is shaped like a gun. The whole remote control is all plastic, which is very low to be honest. Compared with the remote control of the Weili Drift Mosquito car purchased before, it feels like a toy.

Part 3. Playing experience

Playing a climbing car, in my opinion, is playing two aspects:


1. Attitude

2. The sense of achievement through climbing

In terms of attitude, it all depends on the performance of the overall chassis. The most important thing in the chassis performance is the suspension travel. The travel of the original shock absorber can only be said to be enough. When actually playing, I still hope that the trip can be longer. This hope is handed over to the later modification.

During actual driving, when encountering ordinary potholes, the jumping of the body is acceptable, but when encountering large bumps, the jumping is more obvious.

Compared with the previous Naughty Dragon's powerlessness in climbing off-road, the original power of the MN-99S is slightly beyond my expectations. Although the original factory has a 260 motor, it still has a certain amount of power. I tested a slope close to 45°, and there were sand and stones on the slope. The car actually went up without much effort.

Part 4. How is this climbing bike?

Mangniu's MN-99S actually has a certain reputation in China, but on the one hand, it is entry-level, and on the other hand, because of the impetuous domestic environment, this product is a bit too high. I heard that in foreign countries, this car has been blown up by various players. Think about it too, the price is about 300 yuan, with a complete basic structure, it is enough to cope with general road conditions, and there is no problem with having fun.

On the other hand, the basic quality of this car is actually not bad, and there are a lot of modified parts, so this car can play far more than just climbing. Modding is also part of the fun. After modification, a better body posture is obtained, which is also a sense of achievement for players.

As far as the product itself is concerned, the biggest problem is the price. 300 yuan is really not expensive for this type of RC. After all, the "nameplate" of the same level is properly close to the 4-digit price. But there is one thing to say. Compared with the previous Naughty Dragon Half Card, this MN-99S only improves the proportional remote control, but the price has almost doubled. As a player, I naturally hope that the price can be more reasonable. For example, within 250~

Therefore, my personal evaluation for such a product is: the price of 300 yuan, compared with this category of products, has a certain cost performance, but compared with the same level of positioning products, the price is still a little expensive. Aside from the price, the product itself has a certain quality, even if it is a plain car, there is a lot of fun to play with. At present, the price of the modified parts of this MN-99S, if the whole car is replaced with metal, is almost 300+, but the feeling after the modification is a qualitative improvement. So in the end how to play, also depends on everyone's preferences. I plan to upgrade the shock absorber first, and then slowly change the other parts later, let's play slowly



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