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Discovery your sky - zero Xplorer V-RC Toys China

Discovery your sky - zero Xplorer V

As a person who has played for more than half a year and has two aerial photography aircraft (DJI P2 + PTZ + GoPro and DJI vison), he has always been paying attention to the news of various aerial cameras. During this period, the news of lily, bebop3, zero... Hit my sight one after another. Bebop3 has been released, but I think it belongs to the toy category like bebop2. Lily is really cool and cool, but it's pre-sale now. She can't get it until February next year. The remote control distance of 30 meters is really love and hate. Zero degree, I have just entered this circle. I only know that this company has been doing commercial professional computers before, which is far away from the kind of microcomputers we usually play. But a report on 2 / 2 of this year caught my eye.

What attracts me is only the appearance. It's really like a "spy machine". But looking at the price, like P2 vision + (5999 yuan for version V and 5999 yuan for version g), the performance of various indicators is also the same. Some functions have been added to the remote control. (DJI P3 was not released at that time).

4 / 8 P3 release, the same price as P2. It's lively now.

In May, almost this date, zero company announced that the price of the whole series was reduced by 2000 yuan! It's lively now, especially DJI forum. The reason is: P3 was released, and everyone tried hard to get P2 out of the handle. At that time, the price of selling two hands was fairly good, and the loss was not too much. However, as soon as the price is reduced to zero, if you want Xplorer V version, the brand-new version is only 3999 yuan, and the two hand vision + can't sell at a good price. I know several people who clinched deals in the forum are all dual batteries + a full set of machines < 3000 yuan, but before that, they were basically sold at about 4000 yuan

In our wechat group

some people ordered Xplorer products (including me), but the manufacturer only announced the price, but there was no news of delivery.

Wait and wait, I suddenly received the delivery notice on May 29 and helped me deliver the goods!

6 / 1 children's day, I received it, Shenzhen sent it out of the factory on May 27, SF express.

The outer box is open and there is another layer inside.


It's really a long call to come out.

Compared with DJI, this box is obviously smaller and the packaging is more fancy. Black vs white. It depends on your personal preference. I have to hurry up to write, otherwise I will be said by others that "three articles can't write a donkey word".

Four triangle bags, very interesting. All the accessories are inside. You need to install them yourself. It's different from DJI vision +, which is completely installed when you get it. Perhaps because of the size of the box, rapoo's products have always been very distinctive (if you don't understand why a rapoo is suddenly killed, please Baidu yourself).

Start with the lowest triangle. As you can see from the name, it's the power part

After taking out all the accessories, there are really many plugs in various countries. Basically the same as DJI, except for the "charging base".

The battery will also light up after one click to display the power. It seems that when it leaves the factory, it is fully charged. Battery capacity 5200ma, as like as two peas, DJI 11.1v.

Smart plug, different from DJI.、

The back part is a fixed card slot, which has a strange design. In the actual installation of the battery, it is not as simple as DJI. But one advantage is that it is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. Unlike DJI, it needs to be hard pulled with a lot of effort. I believe this is also the problem that most users of DJI encounter. Some people also said that it would be better to plug in and pull out more. Speechless.

Battery weight 370g

The DJI can charge the batteries at the same time.

Next is the user manual package opposite the power package. After opening, there are two paper boxes inside (the triangle is empty and plays a role of fixing, and the rectangle is the manual)

Instruction 1

Instruction 2

1 ~ 6. There are 6 steps in the positive aspect, which can help you quickly understand it. But personally, this part of the manual is not as good as the number of DJI. DJI has two manuals to introduce products, one is a quick start and the other is a detailed introduction. As a newcomer who has flown 60 batteries, I think some of the contents are too complex (for example, the adjustment of American hand and Japanese hand, there is no need to write, because the novice doesn't understand what it means, and the veteran can't read it). Some of the contents are too simple, such as the correct steps of take-off.

The left part is the accessories & blades

Discovery your sky - zero Xplorer V

Discovery your sky - zero Xplorer V

For various reasons, Xplorer does not use the 9443 (or 9450) self tightening propeller of DJI.

There are still a lot of accessories. At least there are remote control lanyards and magnetic lens baffles. But the quality of screwdriver and wrench can't compare with that of DJI.

In the triangle box on the right is the key component - 3D brushless motor Pan Tilt & analog image transmission

As an aside, there are at least 2 stickers in each triangle box. You need to cut it with a knife to take out the items inside. A four triangle box + remote control box. All the accessories in the box are wrapped in a layer of plastic bags. I feel a little over packed.

This picture transmission is different from that of DJI. It does not need to be hung outside the remote control and does not need separate power supply. It is stuck behind the zero degree remote control (mentioned below) and works by contacts for further integration.

Compared with DJI, the 3D brushless motor pan tilt is much smaller, and the shock stop ball is also much smaller. The fixing method is more convenient than DJI. There is no need for screw fixing and no open line to link. It will be mentioned below.

Microusb is used to upgrade PTZ. It's strange that Yuntai is upgrading its firmware alone. There is also a button to take photos separately. 3 PTZ holder, filter and lens cover are original.

The main body of the aircraft is coming! The whole body is black (matte). It really looks like a stealth fighter. It feels good. But black is too easy to get gray. It is against this shape that we start with zero. And its remote control, of course.

The landing gear has two modes. When the PTZ and camera are not installed, it can be put to the lowest position. If you install a cloud platform, you can stand upright.

Different states of tripod

2212 motor, same as previous versions of P2

When there is no power on, three LED lights. The highlight of Xplorer here is that the LED brightness can be controlled by the wave wheel of the remote control, so that when shooting at night, there is no need to worry about the red light affecting the photo or video effect. The tail LED is only red, and the nose LED is blue, green and yellow (respectively representing different modes, including attitude mode and GPS mode)

This is its host switch. The host switch of DJI is the battery power display button. It also represents different meanings through different flashes.

This is the back of it. There is a piece of paper to tell you what you need to pay attention to.

Where the battery is in contact, the groove in the middle is the place where the back of the battery protrudes. The plug-in with six small holes on it is the place where it is linked with the PTZ.

This switch is used to insert the rear cloud platform. After pulling outward, the PTZ is upward, and then the PTZ can be removed. Plastic mold opening quality is good, very smooth, no barbs, high precision.

There are three black antennas under the body, which should be GPS, compass and picture transmission antenna. These antennas of DJI are fixed on the tripod.

............................... the introduction of the first floor is completed

There is one thing on the second floor - remote control, which is also a characteristic thing of zero Xplorer.

Two short, black and thick antennas on the head are antennas


Zero Xplorer is more suitable for beginners and performs well on the remote control. In the first part, I tell you that there are three modes (1 ~ 3 gears, suitable for different people to operate. For details, please refer to the above instructions). On DJI, there is no such setting. Of course, in the parameter adjustment software, wizard mode and Naza mode can be set. There is little difference in actual operation, that is, the IOC (intelligent head mode, also known as headless mode) is poor.

The second part, which is suitable for beginners, is IOC, one piece return (DJI needs to set S1 in the parameter adjustment software, and one key return & manual mode, only one of two can be selected), automatic take-off and landing (press the button, the aircraft will take off automatically, and the altitude will stop at 2m. In ordinary flight, you press this button, and the aircraft will land automatically and slowly). For novices, takeoff is actually easy to operate, and landing requires a little skill. We often see our flying friends that the aircraft is bounced up after landing too fast. Auto take-off and landing button, press to execute. After you want to fly out, you need to press it manually to reset it. The green light inside the button will also light up. In the picture, I pressed the IOC on the left, but I didn't press the button on the middle & right. Let's see the difference. The bottom row of lights are WiFi, aircraft, GPS and remote control. When the remote control is turned on, these lights will light up. Green represents normal and red represents abnormal.

On the back of the remote control, there are contacts on the bayonet fixed on the top. As long as the image transmission is inserted normally, the image transmission will not move. The rubber side strip on the 2 sides of the remote control also prevents your hands from slipping after sweating. It feels better than the remote control of DJI P2.

At the bottom is the switch. The switch is tight, so that the switch will not be dialed by mistake due to manual error.

The highlight of the third part of the remote control - mobile phone holder. Anyone who has used DJI P2 remote control knows that it is a thin vertical rod with a universal wheel collet to clamp the mobile phone. This part is very inconvenient when you want to put it in your suitcase or backpack. But Xplorer is unique and hidden. This is great! I didn't find this function before I bought it. When you don't use it at ordinary times, it is put in the remote control. When you use it, you can pull it out. By the way, take the remote control in your hand. The wave wheel on the right controls the up and down position of the camera (just opposite to DJI), and the left is mentioned earlier. The brightness of the nose stand light can be completely turned off at least.

Iphone5 is taking photos. Just give a demonstration to any 4S store. The bottom of the fixture is also a universal wheel, which can adjust the angle at will.

Side and backthe mobile phone can be stuck well without a shell. According to the instructions, it can support up to 6 plus. Wait until 6S or 7 comes out in September, and then start with the plus mobile phone. Now you can bear it again.

After all assembly, it can be completed in about 2 minutes.


Download app software from your mobile phone, and then bind your plane. (the app was tested in Nanjing, so don't be surprised)

It's OK to fly today because of the time. This is the place where our flying friends often meet and communicate. The place is spacious, convenient for parking, no one, and the scenery is OK.

Flight experience: 1st gear ~ 3rd gear, easy to operate. Due to its light weight (the whole set is less than 1000g), my vision is almost more than 1100 g, and the whole P2 is 1371G, which is "shaking" when it is a little windy. The rising speed and rotation speed of the aircraft can not be compared with P2. When flying horizontally, the inclination is obvious (more than P2).

Today, I simply used the functions of brushing the pot and following (because I didn't take a video, I can't show it better). Next (to cheat more gold coins), I'll send relevant photos & videos.


The competitor zero Xplorer faces is P2 vision +, the previous generation product of DJI. It is more suitable for beginners in terms of price and humanized design. But in the face of players with certain aerial photography requirements, it's really a little weak. The zero series, which I read on the official website, has a 48 hour maintenance service. I hope this function will never be used. Anyway, those who play DJI have great opinions on the after-sales service of DJI. The response speed is slow, the maintenance price is not transparent, and so on.

Other disadvantages are as follows:

1. The official website parameter adjustment software has not been released yet;

2. No peripheral accessories, such as backpack, car charger, etc;

3. The price of accessories is low (only the protective paddle, battery, paddle blade and hanging rope) and is not cheap. An additional battery costs more than 600;

4. Relevant activities have not been seen yet, which is different from DJI. DJI now organizes activities almost every month. From basic novice experience camp to advanced how to improve aerial photography level.

Additional modification (2015-06-04 17:33:56):

Add 2 videos watched by duty friends, video 1 - automatic follow function. In the mobile app, first press "selfie", and then click on the icon of "follow-up". The flight altitude and camera position need to be set by yourself.

Brushing the pot, the video was inexplicably "blocked". Can only be renamed: Circular shooting. In the mobile app, first press "selfie" and then click on the icon of "brush pot". The flight altitude and camera position need to be set by yourself.

Automatic follow + pot brushing, the whole process does not need the intervention of mobile phone or remote control.













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