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Every man has an RC dream! —Remember your own RC history-RC Toys China

Every man has an RC dream! —Remember your own RC history

I especially want to add a paragraph to the first picture, but I can only think of one sentence, stepping under the ruins of the city, the Buddha blocks and kills the Buddha, and the god blocks and kills the god!

Whether it is a science and engineering man or a literary and historical man; whether it is passionate or lonely, as long as it is a boy, from birth to growth, one of the most important toys for a man in this life is a car! From real vehicles to scaled-down models and toys, men like to play. So, every man has an RC dream! This statement is very true, yes!

RC is the abbreviation of Radio Control, which literally means remote control or radio control. Please forgive my ignorance. At first, I thought RC was the abbreviation of "Racing Car", because the models at that time were mainly cars, and there were very few boats, let alone aircraft.

RC covers a wide range, such as remote control car models, aircraft models, ship models, drones, combat robots, all belong to the RC category. It should be emphasized here that children's remote control toys do not belong to RC.

Everyone still remembers the RC in "Fast and Furious 5" that was inside the Brazilian police station and visited the safe. It can be seen that the use of RC is still very extensive.

The history of the RC car model is very long, and I won't introduce it much. You can Baidu by yourself. RC model cars are mainly divided into two categories: fuel and electric. One is powered by an internal combustion engine, and the other is driven by a battery/electric motor.

Since the fuel RC is not suitable for entry, it will not be introduced here. This article mainly introduces electric RC. RC model cars can be divided into climbing, racing, big feet, etc. according to their purposes, these three are basically the most contacted by everyone. First of all, I would like to state that I started to study RC without in-depth study of Tieba and RC forums. Because, I feel that the knowledge of the RC forum is basically more practical for players after getting started, and it has little effect on the zero-based. If there is no entry, the forum post says a series of digital models, which is simply in the fog.

First ,Pseudo RC

Of course, the pseudo RC is not the real RC, but it still belongs to the category of toys.


My first RC is an Audi double-drilling Leisu Deng Baowei Bigfoot painting. The Baowei is a 1:28 Bigfoot off-road remote control car. The body uses 4 AA batteries, and the remote control is 2" AA" battery, strong versatility. However, Baowei is only a 2-wheel drive vehicle, and the speed cannot reach very fast, and the distance of the remote control is about 50 meters. It stayed with me for a year and ended up sitting idle due to damage to the steering gear and steering problems. It's a pity that it has been with me for so long, but I didn't leave a photo for it.

Strictly speaking, Baowei is not a real RC. RC model cars are all "proportional control", "proportional control" is to rotate the steering wheel on the remote control by 15 degrees, and the wheels on the frame also rotate 15 degrees correspondingly; the accelerator trigger on the remote control is pulled 30%. , the power output on the frame is also 30% of the power; and Boom uses a "switch-type" remote control, which cannot achieve precise command actions, and the steering and speed are only "0%" and "100%" "Two states.

Although Bauwei is not a real RC, Bauwei did make my original "RC dream" come true, and I still have to thank it.

In addition to Baowei, Ma Yun's family also has another toy car that imitates climbing, and the price is only less than 100 yuan. Although it is cheap, it is still okay to coax children to play occasionally.

Second, the entry RC

After tossing with toy cars before, I decided to start with a real RC car model. Climbing, racing, big feet these three types of cars, which one to choose? The racing card requires high precision in parts and assembly, because it runs fast, requires stable direction and high speed. Climbing requires relatively high site requirements. Without a suitable site, it is difficult to show the advantages and fun of climbing. Only big feet are left. Playing with big feet is generally for entertainment purposes. It is enough to run stupidly, and it has no effect on running off-track. Moreover, big feet can also cross-country at low intensity to meet the needs of part of the wild.

Due to the limited budget, the brand of choice has been tangled between "Huanqi" and "Infinite". In the end, I chose HSP's 94111, which is a very high-selling car. Because it is the first time to enter RC, if you start with an oil car, the cost of the car is high, and the surrounding products are too many and expensive, which is very inappropriate. It is recommended that novices start with a tram.

94111 is a 1:10 RC big bike. Although it is not very "strong" and "durable", it still brings me countless pleasures. Due to the inherent deficiencies of the 94111's structure and parts, it is common to damage parts, so the common situation is "charging for 4 hours, sports car for 10 minutes, ** 1 time, repairing the car for 1 hour". Every time I take the 94111 in the yard of the community, it takes 30 minutes to repair the car, and it takes 2 hours to repair the car when I go home at night, which makes people helpless and speechless. People who often visit RC forums know that there is a saying "94111, a car that makes you fall in love with car repairing".

After a painful remorse, the reason for the repair of the car was attributed to the lack of strength of the car, so the whole car was upgraded to aluminum alloy parts. After the whole car is upgraded to aluminum alloy parts, the strength of the car is indeed improved, the playing time is longer, and the time for repairing the car is less, but due to the increase of the body weight, the acceleration and speed of the car are affected. There is no way, there is a willingness to have it. After the upgrade, the all-aluminum alloy 94111 basically achieves "4 hours of charging, 1 hour of sports car, 3 times of battery life, and half an hour of car repair".

In fact, the 94111 is not durable. The reason for the serious battle damage is that the quality of the plastic parts of the original car is too poor. The real good plastic nylon parts can play a buffering role without breaking. The energy generated by the collision of the car is offset by deformation, and it is absorbed, and then the shape is restored. Real metal parts are only suitable for drivetrains, not for frames. In short, before and after, a total of nearly 2500 was spent on 94111.

Now let's summarize the parts of 94111 that are most prone to war damage and deformation:

1. The axle cup, although a certain Tongjia produced tempered, the effect is almost the same as the non-tempered one. Although the axle is bent and can be straightened, the strength is not as good as before, and it is very easy to bend again.

2. The front crash plate, as the name suggests, is the most forward part of the car, and the front crash plate is the first to be stressed when it hits. Because the plastic material is not very good, it often breaks. And the official did not produce a metal front bumper, the reason is that the metal can not buffer.

3. Swing arm, when the car is moving forward, the tires are in contact with the ground the most. The swing arm is used to position the tire. When the tire is impacted, a considerable part of the force is transmitted to the swing arm, especially when flying slopes or from high altitudes. When it falls, the longitudinal force is very large, the energy absorbed by the tire is limited, and most of it needs the swing arm to transmit the force to the shock absorber. But for lateral force, the swing arm is powerless, and deformation often occurs.

4. The swing arm seat of the wave box, since the two swing arms are connected together by the swing arm seat, after the lateral force is applied, the swing arm seat will also bear part of the force. If the lateral force is strong, the swing arm seat will also deform.

5. Dog bone, the dog bone in the early stage of 94111 often bends, and after improvement, the bending of the dog bone has been reduced a lot, and it can be used with confidence.

After my personal experience, if you are getting started, 94111 can let you understand some principles of RC big feet. At the same time, it allows you to practice your car repair skills. If you want to have a fever, it is not recommended to start. Unless you spend a lot of money to buy parts, unless you have a lot of time to repair the car, everyone should know that the whole car is upgraded to aluminum alloy 94111, because the metal parts are not elastic and cannot absorb energy, in fact, it is not Not scientific.

Third, Backbone RC

After playing with 10 cars, everyone said that 8 cars are durable, and the bigger the car, the stronger it is. Because of the limited budget, I didn't want to spend too much money tossing it. At that time, I considered the three cars of E63, Hebao MT and Tyrant when changing cars. I won't talk about the selection process. The E63 is nicknamed "The Little Flip Prince". After the heavy OP of Hebao MT, you will get a tank. As for the tyrant, its structure is very similar to the big F.

Because the E63 is a bathtub structure, the handling will be relatively better, but as a big foot, the durability is not enough, although the somersault is very powerful.

Hebao MT was originally my favorite, but after reading the post "The saddest Hebao MT player in history", I really didn't dare to start.

The Tyrant is a product launched by the new brand Inpu model. The product is very similar to the big F in terms of appearance, structure and material, especially the limited edition Tyrant launched later, which is very cost-effective.

After deciding to buy the limited edition of Tyrant, I began to search for relevant information of Tyrant, and also joined the official WeChat group and QQ group. After repeated confirmation, Tyrant's after-sales policy is to replace the plastic parts free of charge for three years, so I can rest assured. Because the 94111 car was often broken at that time, I needed to buy something. Although its accessories were relatively cheap, in order not to affect the car, I would prepare a few more parts, and the shipping cost was a lot of money. In addition to the national OP aluminum alloy, as well as chargers and batteries, it has exceeded 2,500 yuan, which makes people vomit blood.

At the beginning of the car purchase, because the budget was limited and the limited edition Tyrant had been sold out, I could only buy a second-hand model from Salted Fish. When Big Brother CJ shot the car, I happened to find it on the salted fish, and took over his tyrant directly.

After starting the car, I joined Tyrant's WeChat group and QQ group, and met a lot of good friends who play with cars. Among them, the two brothers, Zhao Ritian and TIFOSI, who are more representative, often encounter difficulties or problems when playing with cars. After the assembly encounters problems, they will ask them for help, and they will answer patiently.

Fourth ,about OP

OP is the abbreviation of Optional, which means non-standard, optional, and upgradeable. Generally, the car is only the frame, and the electronic parts such as motor, ESC, receiver, steering gear, etc. are not included, and need to be purchased by themselves, collectively referred to as OP parts.

Any car, its original, accessories are not very powerful, if you want to improve performance or strength, you must do OP. Maybe a frame is not very expensive, but the cost of the OP parts may have reached 2 to 3 times the cost of the body after the whole vehicle is OP, which is normal. I started with a tyrant limited edition. The limited edition tyrant's own motor, ESC, and steering gear are all very powerful. In addition, the big brother has already put the car in a good state and reached a relatively good RTR state. .

Arrived, in October 2017, Inpu officially launched a new type of Tyrant. At the same time, the official did not give up old users, and also launched the OP package of the old user's Little Tyrant to upgrade the Big Tyrant. The whole kit costs about 1,300 yuan, which I personally think is quite powerful, so buying a car is not the beginning, and your OP for him is the real beginning.

Fifth, on site and safety

No matter what you do, safety always comes first. Likewise, it is important to play RC models safely. It happened to a car friend once who knocked down a person with a sports car on the road, causing the other person to have a concussion.

It is recommended that you do not play in the courtyard of the community or in places with high traffic flow, because the RC bicycle runs relatively fast. If it encounters children or the elderly, it is especially easy to knock them down. Except for the trauma caused by the impact, they fall It may also cause secondary damage. Therefore, it is best to go to a venue dedicated to sports cars to play, which is the safest.

To ensure safety, for the car, it is to set the out-of-control protection, which is set in the ESC. If the receiver cannot receive the remote control signal, let the car set to stop directly and return to a stationary state. Keep running, it will be dangerous.

My car has appeared in the community. It ran out of control several times, but I couldn't find the reason. Later, when I removed the receiver, I found that the antenna in the receiver was broken, and the receiver and the remote control exceeded After a certain distance, the receiver could not receive the signal from the remote control, causing the car to run around in the yard, but fortunately no one was injured.

Sixth, on battle damage

There is no car that won't be damaged in battle, only methods that won't be damaged by battle.

As long as an RC big bike is running outside, there will often be various battle damages, such as tires, front collision avoidance, roll cage, etc., and it is normal. After all, RC cars drive faster and have a relatively large pulling force. The car's bearing capacity is limited, and battle damage will definitely occur. Therefore, in order to avoid and reduce battle damage, the only way is to continuously improve your technique, improve your control over the car, and make it less likely to collide. If there is war damage, it means that you need to buy more spare parts.

I value the most powerful after-sales service. As I said before, the plastic parts of his car are provided free of charge for three years. After the car is damaged in battle, you only need to take a picture of the damaged parts and the SN serial number of the car, send it to the official WeChat account of Impro, and enter your own address in the reply message. Just wait for Debon Express, but you need to pay the courier fee. Keep in mind that tires are not plastic parts, but rubber parts. After the tires are damaged in battle, they cannot get free after-sales service.

Seventh ,about peripheral accessories


Screw glue and WD40 are all essential for daily use.

electrical tools

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. For RC bigfoot, tools are also very important. A RC bigfoot has more than 100 screws in the whole car, and the specifications are different, including new car assembly, battle damage repair, OP modification, etc., all need of different sizes of screwdrivers. So the tool must be powerful! Investing in a good set of tools can do more with less. Below are some recommended tools for you to use.

WOWSTICK's electric screwdriver, small size, rechargeable lithium battery design. Comes with some screw heads, and can also be illuminated. Because the torque is limited, the electric rotation can be completed in the whole process except the initial stage resistance is relatively large and requires manual intervention.

Hexagon socket screwdriver

Most of the screws of the RC big feet are hexagonal. It is recommended that you use the products of the same factory of Yatuo. It uses imported high-speed steel and has very good strength.

It is recommended that you do not use this entry-level screwdriver set. After long-term use, the head will be scratched, and the screw opening will be scratched when screwing the screw. Finally, the screw cannot be removed, which is very troublesome.


It is natural to play RC without a charger. The more representative chargers are nothing more than those, such as: B6, D100, A6, BC168 and so on.

There are two main types of chargers, series balanced charge and independent balanced charge. Among them, B6 and D100 belong to series balanced chargers, while A6 and BC168 belong to independent balanced chargers.

As the name implies, series balancing refers to charging the batteries in series, and then balancing each cell after charging has progressed to a certain extent. The advantage is that the charging speed is fast, but there is no separate balance between the cells, which may affect the life of the cells after long-term use. The independent balance charging mode is to charge each cell separately first, and then balance and match the battery pack. The advantage of independent balance is that each cell is charged separately, and then balanced and matched uniformly, which is beneficial to battery life. .

If you want your battery to last longer, it is recommended that you use an independent balance charge. Although the charging time is longer, the life of each battery can be extended, reducing the frequency and frequency of buying batteries, reducing investment, and helping everyone save money.


If you want the battery to serve you better, then you must pay attention to two problems, the first is the charging and discharging of the battery, and the second is the storage of the battery.

The charging of the battery requires a good charger, which has been said above, so I won't say more. Discharging is mainly to set the protection voltage of the ESC of the car, which is equivalent to setting the battery voltage cut-off voltage a little higher, not too low, otherwise the battery will be easily over-discharged.

As for the storage of the battery, it is recommended that when the battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be charged to 3.85 volts for long-term storage. Long-term storage with full or empty power can easily lead to battery damage.

As for the battery brand, for the brand battery, the format is recommended for cost performance. In addition to brand batteries, there are many third-party DIY and customized batteries, such as Ouyang batteries and Zhang's batteries, which can be purchased on demand. But remember one thing, the purchased battery must be able to be inserted into the battery compartment of your car, otherwise you can only return it.

Remote control and reception

The antenna of the receiver is broken. Although it can be repaired by welding, I am always afraid of losing control again. So started a new set of remote control and receiver, FUTABA 4PLS and 304SB received. As a classic remote control, the reputation is very good, and it is very suitable for friends with limited budget.

The second-hand FUTABA 4PLS and 304SB purchased, the handle has been wrapped with special non-slip rubber for racket, and it feels very good.

Eighth ,summary

As a novice playing RC, I can only write so much. After all, only the 94111 Bigfoot has really played, and 60% of the time is spent in repairing cars, and I am still learning about tyrants. . Although I occasionally study in RCFANS, RCFANS House, and RCFANS, my knowledge and understanding of RC is still limited. I hope that you will bear with me and give pointers.

In the process of writing this original, I have received strong support from friends in the tyrant WeChat group. For the difficulties in daily car play and disassembly and assembly, everyone will help each other, and old players will answer them as soon as possible. The Tyrant WeChat group is a large group of unity and friendship.

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