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FMS 1/12 Porsche type 82 barrel car - small scale mass production RC remote control car simulation detail ceiling-RC Toys China

FMS 1/12 Porsche type 82 barrel car - small scale mass production RC remote control car simulation detail ceiling

FMS has launched a new car again, this time it is a very meaningful World War II model, type 82 KUBELWAGON, hereinafter referred to as the barrel car. This model has reached the peak of the current fms in terms of details, and it is also the ceiling of the current small scale simulation RC!

The packaging of the barrel car this time is similar to the usual FMS style, but the artistic font in the upper right corner and the broken and collapsed building in the background of the vehicle seem to take us back to 1939.

On the back of the box, it shows the appearance of the barrel car with the door open. The key point is that the features of the barrel car are written on the right side, because this car has too many selling points.

Other details of the bucket car are shown, with 4 doors that can be opened, the hood, and the rear seats that can be folded down and the trunk that can be opened.

Take away the outer carton, the inside is still a well-protected foam box.

Accessories include instructions, 4 channel remote, charger, wrench and screwdriver, and batteries (already put in my car).

The front view of the bucket truck looks like a Hanhan, and if you look closely, there is also the shadow of the later Beetle. There are metal bumper bars in the front and a license plate on the back.

From the side view of the barrel car, it can be seen that the design of the car is very simple.

There is also a metal bumper at the rear of the bucket car, the license plate is placed again, and the hood has a handle for easy opening.

The bucket car seat of FMS is a highlight. It is made of soft sponge material. Although there was no such comfortable seat in those days, but now it has been realized, and the doll will no longer panic when sitting on it.

The chassis of the bucket truck is very flat and is integrally injection molded. The position and size of each reinforcing rib on the chassis are scaled down according to the actual vehicle verification and restoration, and strive to use plastic to present the texture of metal stamping.

The front trunk of the bucket car can be opened, and inside is the receiver and ESC integrated machine, as well as the battery compartment. Tommy tried the battery in two places, the other is the empty space above.

The front trunk lid can be removed, but pay attention to the wires of the anti-aircraft lights.


 Next is the main event. The following is the macro detail picture of the barrel car. I try to adjust the macro lens to 1:1 magnification to shoot. You can download the original picture to enlarge it.

In the front part of the car, you can see the horn and headlights of Bosch, and the anti-aircraft lights of Nortek.

The left-hand door is marked in German with a vehicle weight of 0.76 tons and a deadweight of 0.45 tons.

three-pronged steering wheel

FMS 1/12 Porsche type 82 barrel car - small scale mass production RC remote control car simulation detail ceiling

The speed of the vehicle and the timing of shifting gears are displayed on the instrument panel. You can see that the bottom of the table is 100km/h. The real car has 4 forward gears. The maximum speed of each gear is: 18.4km/h for 1st gear; /h; 3rd gear 54.2km/h; 4th gear 83.6km/h, the corresponding shift prompt red line can be observed on the instrument panel. The current mileage is 203 kilometers, which is about the distance from the Wolfsburg factory to Berlin. At that time, new cars were not transported by transport vehicles and had to be driven across. There are a lot of buttons near the instrument panel, all of which are restored according to the real car. For the specific functions, you can see the official description. In addition, the switch of the barrel car is no longer the switch that was toggled on the ESC before, but replaced by the tall one-button start that only modern cars have. If you read the manual, you may not know how to start the car. There is a gray button at the bottom left of the dashboard, which is the one-button start switch. For example, I can use my little finger to press through the steering wheel. If some model friends find it inconvenient, they can use the FMS to come with a thoughtful gadget, but I think you can also put a shovel in the trunk of the bucket truck. Class tools, both simulation and practical.

The 3 pedals at the bottom of the bucket car are the same layout as the current manual transmission car.

Shift lever and handbrake, only 4 forward gears.

The exterior rearview mirror of the bucket car can be folded and rotated, which achieves the same function as the real car. In addition, the rearview mirror is not a sticker, and the second is the material similar to the real mirror, which can show a clear picture.


The spare tire of the bucket truck is placed on the front of the car and can be removed for installation. After the spare tire is removed, the spare tire bracket can be seen, which is a typical mid-term model. The windshield can be folded down and fastened to the front bracket.

The door handle of the bucket car can be rotated both inside and outside. This is how the door is locked and the card sticks out.

When you want to open the door, you only need to turn the door handle down by about 45°, the card will shrink back, and the door can be opened without hindrance.

The screw here is a bit long, it would be better if it was shorter or put on a nut

You can also see the arrangement of the wiring on the surface of the sponge seat.

Fold down the rear seats and open the trunk, you can put a lot of things. The height of the trunk of the real car of the barrel car can accommodate 20L oil (water) barrels.

Metal rear bumper detail

Open the hood and you can see the same classic horizontally opposed air-cooled 4-cylinder engine as the real car, and the generator-driven flywheel is still wrapped with a belt. This engine has been used in many classic cars of later generations, and it has been used in the Beetle for 65 years. As of July 30, 2003, the last Beetle with number 21,529,464 rolled off the production line in Puebla, Mexico, and this legend ended. a paragraph.

The cooling fan can be seen inside. It is worth mentioning that the generator drives the flywheel and the internal fan will also rotate with the vehicle, which is very realistic. The switchboard, carburetor, ignition coil, and oil-bath air filter are also vaguely visible.

Here you can see the crankshaft flywheel at the bottom, which will also rotate with the rotation, thereby driving the generator to drive the flywheel to rotate.

The tires of the barrel car are the most common 5.25×16, and the simulated wheel hub needs to be fixed with 5 screws like the real car.

In the front and rear rows of the barrel car, there is also a buckle fixing place that can be used to fix weapons.

The real car of the barrel car adopts the independent suspension of the front torsion bar, while the torsion spring is used instead of the torsion bar spring on the model to present the front and rear suspension. The drive shaft cvd is made of metal material, which can ensure the strength when playing.

The rear shock absorber of the barrel car adopts the independent door-axle suspension of the rear swing shaft, which is much earlier than the independent door-axle structure of the Hummer H1. The real car balances the front and rear wheel speeds by increasing the gear ratio of the front axle differential. In the model, in order to use the front and rear axle differentials, FMS sets the door-to-axle reduction ratio of the barrel car to 1:1.

The exhaust pipe of the barrel car also simulates the angle and fixed position of the exhaust pipe as much as possible, which are traceable.

Because the suspension of the bucket truck uses torsion springs, the posture is much better than the previous small-scale cars with only springs. There is almost no such extra bouncing back and forth. In addition, the official tuning is to make the posture softer, sometimes it is found that the suspension After pressing down, it will not rebound to the suspension height of the suspended vehicle, which is normal.

Compared with the other two 1/12 scale fms Jeep Willis and Suzuki Jimny, the barrel car is a little petite, but has the largest approach angle and departure angle.

Compared with the other two cars from the side of the barrel car, the body height is similar, but it is obvious that the wheelbase is longer.

The two Porsches, only about 10 years apart, can see some of the same design elements.


In the walking video of the bucket car, the shock absorption effect this time is better than the previous two, and there is almost no feeling of bouncing and shaking all the time. In addition to high and low speed switching, the barrel car also added rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive switching. You need to press and hold the light control switch button for a few seconds until you hear the sound of the steering gear switching. The playability is greatly enhanced. Usually, you can play in rear-drive mode, and you can switch to four-wheel-drive mode when you get out of trouble. In addition, the barrel car uses a differential this time, and the turning radius is smaller. It is usually simple off-road and looks better. Lighting effects, basic high and low beam switching, anti-aircraft lights, reversing lights and brake lights, and turn signal linkage are all available, and the linked crankshaft flywheel and generator drive flywheel and cooling fan are also extra points for simulation.

In general, this 1/12 barrel car of FMS not only pursues the details of the real car perfectly, but also strengthens the dynamic aspect. It is playable and ornamental at the same time. It is a dynamic model and a static model. A favorite model.

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