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FMS 1/12 Volkswagen Beetle Type82E - The Classic Beetle-RC Toys China

FMS 1/12 Volkswagen Beetle Type82E - The Classic Beetle

First of all, it should be noted that the name "Beetle" became popular after the war and was registered as a trademark by the public. There was no "Beetle" during World War II. But in order to facilitate the narrative, everyone likes to use the name Beetle to communicate. 1:12 TYPE82E Beetle, the prototype Kommandeurwagen, as a classic German model during World War II, a total of 688 units were produced. Type82E was mainly provided to senior officers at that time. The body and chassis of the KdF Wagen are exactly the same as the barrel car Kubelwagen, all with limited slip The rear-mounted rear-wheel drive chassis of the speeder, the civilian version after the war was the Beetle that became famous all over the world.


So let's take a look at some of the details of this car.

The box is printed with a picture of Type82E, and there are many features described in English on the back.

It still uses a foam packaging box, which takes into account both protection and fixation, and is very light.

The accessories are similar to the previous ones, remote control, manual, charger and wrench.

Forth's 4-channel controller is very small.

The front of the Type82E looks the same as the current Beetle, and the iconic features have not changed at all over the years, just like the Porsche, which has been passed down.

What the Type82E looks like with the headlights and anti-aircraft lights turned on.

Compared to the real car, it looks basically the same.

The rear is similar, with a slightly different rear bumper. The taillights of the Type82E can also be turned on.

From the side, the Type82E has the vehicle's information printed on the left door, similar to the barrel car. The overall desert yellow color makes the Type82E look like a beetle in the sand dunes. In addition, the equipped off-road tires and the good passability brought by the high ground clearance can adapt to various harsh road conditions. Many SUVs these days don't have such high ground clearance. In addition, Type82E also has a four-wheel drive version, called Type87. The two have little difference in appearance. You can see that Type82E/87 is written in the manual. After all, this fms model has four-wheel drive mode and rear-drive mode.

The rear license plate sticker of the Type82E is a bit crooked, and the overall fast-back shape of the rear looks very nice.

In order to simulate the real folding roof, the roof has made several folds and bends, and the roof can be removed.

I won’t say much about the chassis part. It is the same as the previous barrel car, front and rear independent suspension + door axle, rear-mounted engine, 1.1L air-cooled engine used by Type82E, with about 26 horsepower.

Open the front cover of Type82E, there is a spare tire inside.

After taking out the spare tire, there is an all-in-one receiving ESC, and the battery switch is fixed on the side by the anti-aircraft light.

The spare tire is also full size, measuring 5.25x16.

Detail of the left door.

The door opening method requires pulling the door handle outwards, which is well designed, unlike other hard shell doors, which are fixed by the card position and are not firm.

The seat of the Type82E is made of soft silicone, which feels good in the hand, and the steering wheel is still linked to the front wheel steering.

3 pedals.

The rear cover of the Type82E is opened to reveal the engine, and the left side is the socket and line. This is directly exposed, which affects the overall simulation a bit, and the barrel car is hidden.

The engine crankshaft flywheel is connected by a belt and drives both the generator and the air-cooled fan.

The details of the front and rear suspension, like the barrel car, are independent suspension, but the rear is the door axle.

The Type82E looks like the door and front cover are opened, and the opening and closing angle is very large.


The video of Type82E walking is the same as that of the barrel car, with high and low speeds and switching between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

In general, the Type82E from fms has a very accurate appearance. In the words of the static model circle, it is accurate in shape, and can be positioned in both dynamic and static positions. For model friends who like Type82E, it is a rare product. As for the shortcomings, it would be better if the quality control was strengthened and the sticker details were in place.

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