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fms 1/18 Nuggets Storm Bronx Ford Bronco-RC Toys China

fms 1/18 Nuggets Storm Bronx Ford Bronco

The Nuggets Storm this time belongs to the fms Storm series. This series will be more cost-effective. This Nugget Storm has two colors: yellow and gray.

There are yellow headlights on the front of the Nuggets Storm, the air intake grille in the middle is not hollowed out, the bumper can be affixed with different types of license plates, and two turn signals are reserved on both sides, which can be added later.

The side of the Nugget Storm body can see that the suspension is a bit high, probably for passability. The fuel tank cover is also depicted on the left side of the body, and the door handle is also a separate piece.

The rear bumper of the Nuggets Storm also has a place to paste the license plate, as well as a full-size spare tire, and the taillights will be on when reversing.

There is a luggage rack on the roof of the Nugget Storm, which is also an independent piece, and some simulation pieces can be fixed with a net pocket.

The bottom of the Nugget Storm is also the same as the previous 1/18 vehicle, which is a common chassis.

The motor uses a 050 motor, and the final gear ratio is 104:1, so that the torque on the wheel can be larger.

The texture of the Nuggets Storm tires adopts the texture of common off-road vehicles, and the performance is acceptable.

The Nuggets Storm interior has also been made, with steering wheels and seats.

The Nuggets Storm rearview mirror also uses the ancestral mirror-like material with particularly good reflection.

After the hood is opened, there is a 380mAh 2S battery, as well as an integrated receiver and ESC. It is commendable that the hood of the Nuggets Storm has a very thin gap, and it is made to fit tightly. It is difficult to find that the hood is OK without reading the manual. Open, the gap is controlled very well.

Other accessories include manuals, controls, chargers and wrenches.


In general, the FMS Gold Storm is a Ford Bronco model, which is another model that can be collected for those who like models.


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