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FMS 1/18 Toyota Hynix 1983 - a classic and legendary pickup-RC Toys China

FMS 1/18 Toyota Hynix 1983 - a classic and legendary pickup

d It is well known that new products are released quickly, and this model is also a very meaningful model. The 1983 Hynix authorized by Toyota, if you understand the culture of real cars and pickups, the significance of this model is self-evident.

The photos of the packaging picture show the angularity of Hynix to the fullest.

The accessories are still Fuss controller, charger, wrench and manual.

The front view of Hynix, the square front face is matched with the square headlights, there is a Toyota logo on the side of the air intake grille, and there is a license plate on the front bumper.

This Hynix from FMS is a 2-seat version. Although the doors cannot be opened, the side windows, door handles, rearview mirrors and pedals are available. If you look closely, you can see that the fuel tank cap is also carved, on the right wheel eyebrow.

The rear bucket of Hynix is also printed with the Toyota logo, and the bucket can of course be opened, just like the previous Chevrolet K10.

The top of the Hynix looks all yellow, as does the rear bucket, and the wiper is a separate piece.

The chassis is the same as the previous Chevrolet K10, the transmission and axle are the same, so after modularization, the cost of building the car will be further reduced, and the speed of the car will be faster, whether it is a real car or an RC model manufacturer.

After the hood is opened, it is an integrated receiving ESC, and the battery is also placed here.

The details of the pedals, as well as some raised particles, increase the friction.

The wheels are painted with a chrome-like effect, and the texture is very good, and the tires are off-road tires.


In the last video of Hynix going down the ground, although the shock absorber is the same as the previous one, there is no shock absorber oil, but I don’t know why, I feel that the posture can be better, unlike the previous obvious Q bomb excess vibration.

In general, the fms hynix model has another very good choice for model friends who like to collect models.

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