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FMS 1/18 Watchmen - Unimog 411 Review-RC Toys China

FMS 1/18 Watchmen - Unimog 411 Review

The new car of fms this time is a very classic off-road model, the Unimog, nicknamed "King of Off-road". And fms is doing the 411 model of Unimog.

The truck watcher on the box stands on a high ground and looks into the distance, which corresponds to the name watcher.

The accessories are still the same as before, with the same manual, controls and some accessories.

There is no Mercedes-Benz logo on the front of the watchman. Just like the box above, I directly installed the attached Mercedes-Benz logo. Now it's time to buy a car and send a car.

There is a wading hose on the right side of the Watchman, and there are turn signals, door handles and mirrors on the side of the body, all of which are portrayed in separate pieces.

There is also the license plate number on the left side of the rear of the watchman, and the taillights are placed under the rear bucket.

There are two overhead lights on the top of the watchman car, which are common on work cars. The rear bucket is quite spacious, taking up half of the car's length.

The Watchman's chassis is similar to the previous 1/18 frame, with plastic tie rods and driveshafts.

The watchman motor is 180, and the silver motor can be vaguely seen.

Open the hood of the watchman, inside is the ESC receiver all-in-one machine, and the side is the battery.

The central control part of the Watchman has only two instrument panels and some other characterizations, and the steering wheel is also very large like an old truck. Too bad the side door can't be opened.

The rearview mirror of the watchman still inherits the excellent tradition of fms, the mirror effect is very good, and the door handle can be illuminated from this angle.

When the rear bucket is unfolded and put down, the real car is put down first in order to load the goods, which also increases the playability of the watchman.

The watchman's headlights have low beam and high beam and 3 adjustable off, and the lights are also old-fashioned yellow. The taillights only illuminate red when reversing.


Let's compare the 1/18 static Unimog 401 in my hand.

After comparison, it will be found that the watchman is a circle larger than 1/18 of the static model, which is not a 1/18 scale in the strict sense. Both tires have the same tread pattern.

From the side, the Watchman is also taller, with bigger tires, and the car is all taller.

The rear comparison can also see that the watchman is higher. In addition, the static model has made a gate bridge according to the real car, and the watchman still uses the previous straight bridge.

From the top view, you can see how much the two cars are different in size.


All in all, the watcher released by fms this time has an additional Unimog model that is very worthy of collection, which makes the small proportion of players have more options, and the scope of collection has expanded.

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