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FMS 1/24 Little Dodge half-card climbing car-RC Toys China

FMS 1/24 Little Dodge half-card climbing car

FMS produced a lot of 1/18 small climbing cars, this time even smaller proportion, 1/24 small strange, the prototype car is the classic Dodge semi, this car many manufacturers have been out of the car shell, because of the simple shape, coupled with the classic model.

This time, the box packaging has also changed. It is no longer a pure English introduction, but both Chinese and English. In addition to the introduction of conventional parameters, there are OP parts at the bottom of FIG. 4. It can be seen that brass counterweights, metal gears and differential speeds, as well as tracks will be introduced in the future, and the supporting system will be gradually improved.

The front of the small Qi, the front bar can be affixed to the license plate.

Small odd side diagram, you can see the suspension is quite high, right and wading throat, the overall center of gravity is relatively high.

There is also a full-size spare tire in the back of the small odd. The spare tire rack and roll cage need to be assembled by themselves. For performance, the rear can be left out. In addition, the small strange door bridge is obviously moved up, which can increase the ground clearance, and the passability will be better, especially for this small proportion of cars, the passability is particularly important.

The shell of the car is also blue and red. Tommy wants one more blue, so he can change the shell and put a 180 or bigger motor.

This small odd accessories are quite many, there are random vulnerable parts, and the rubber ring, shock absorber travel preset adjustment buckle, the rest is the common charger, wrench, manual and sticker. Small pieces of stickers need to be cut by themselves, not cut in advance, it is inconvenient to stick up.

The remote is still a Fuchs custom, 4-channel. 4 shifts are very important, position 1 down is climbing mode, forward and backward; Position 2 is lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery identification; Position 3 and 4 are drag brake adjustment, with 0-100% adjustable 4 gear.

The chassis of Xiaoqi is also a new design because of the change of proportion, which is no longer 1/18 of those common chassis. The overall chassis is relatively compact, front and rear 4-link, bridge steering gear, and better performance.

It has a hard shell and a better texture than the previous 1/18 Dodge 6X6.

There is an all-in-one receiver and electric regulator in the front, and a battery in the back, which needs to be fixed with a rubber band.

The motor is a 130 brush motor, which can be replaced with a 180, but you have to cut off part of the shell.

Gear shift small steering gear, gear ratio gap is very large. The low gear is 99 and the high gear is 24.75, which makes the low speed more linear, the torque is more, the high speed is faster, such high and low speed is meaningful, some high and low speed is not different. In addition, the speed of high gear is about 8km/h, which is slightly faster than the normal walking speed. With high and low speed switching, there must be a gap. Channel 3 is a shift of 3 gears, and the middle is a gap, which also increases the playability.

Door bridge structure, in addition, this small strange whole car has a total of 24 bearings, many brands of cars, are not willing to use bearings, instead of yellow Tong set.

The simulation of small objects on the anti-roll shelf is fixed with 3M glue. If it is designed to be fixed with screws, it will be better.

The roll cage is quickly removed and fixed, and the spare tire frame is also stuck and fixed. It can be quickly removed. It is estimated that the official also thinks that if you can't climb over the steep slope, you can quickly remove the rear roll cage.

Odd's spare tire is full size, the tread is dirt, and the tire size is not small, bigger than 1/18.

The light system of Xiaoqi has only close-range lights and high-beam lights, without linkage turn signals and taillights, which need to be controlled by the fourth channel.


In general, FMS's first 1/24 smaller scale climbing car is refined and concentrated, with many functions, strong climbing performance, no obvious weakness, and good cost performance, which injects new vitality and competition into the 1/24 scale market. As for the disadvantages, the car shell open way more convenient will be better.

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