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fms eazyrc 1/18 Glacier Storm & Ocean Storm Toyota Cruze FJ & Chevrolet K10-RC Toys China

fms eazyrc 1/18 Glacier Storm & Ocean Storm Toyota Cruze FJ & Chevrolet K10

Everyone seems to have mastered the rhythm of fms's monthly car rides, but this time is a bit different. The sub-brand eazyrc has released 2 previous 1/18 small scale climbing models without authorization, and also changed the color scheme. The most important thing The price is much cheaper, suitable for model friends with insufficient budget. Let's take a look at the difference from the previous two.

The LOGO on the box has been replaced by eazyrc, and it is no longer fms to the outside world, but everyone knows it by looking at the shape. The packaging of both cars is blue, and the basic introduction will be printed on the box.

Let's take a look at the glacier storm first. The appearance is exactly the same as the previous K10.

The paint is changed to glacier blue, which is still the color of metallic paint.

The English word "glacier" at the end should be the English model.

Looking at the top, it is also all glacier blue, and the overall feeling is good.

The chassis is the same as the previous K10, but with an additional QC mark.

The front and rear axles and shocks are the same.

Let's compare it with the K10 below. Suddenly, I feel that the color of the grille has changed. After removing the standard and changing the color, the appearance of the whole car has changed a bit. The front bumper of Glacier Storm has no metallic luster, and the simulated license plate is missing.

The classic painting of the K10 on the side looks better, and the wheels and exterior mirrors are also metallic.

The tailgate here in the rear bucket is a bit different. The Glacier Storm is fixed here through the card slots on both sides of the tailgate, and the K10 is also a different structure.

The difference at the rear is also the lack of the metallic rear bumper and the license plate.

The color of the exterior rearview mirror is different, and the glacier storm rearview mirror is not as clear as the mirror effect of the K10.

In addition, the remote control is larger, and the style has been changed, and the manual is also the previous style.

A charger and a small wrench are also included, and the battery is in the hood.


Here's a look at ocean storms

Although the front bumper is large, it can still be recognized as an FJ model at a glance.

The ocean storm color was changed to a dark blue, much like the color of the deep sea.

There is also a spare tire at the rear.

The roof rack is also indispensable, and the roof is white.

The chassis is also the same, the plastic bridges and tie rods, the drive shaft, and the strength is enough for a small car.

Open the front cover, it is also an integrated integrated receiver and ESC, and the depth is the battery.


Let's compare the previous authorized Toyota FJ.

The appearance of these two cars has changed a lot compared to the previous two, and you can play the game of finding the difference. First of all, in addition to the color, it is the style of the front bumper. The front bumper of the Ocean Storm is larger, the wrapping surface is wider, the spotlights have changed from 3 to 2, there is a reserved opening for the winch in the middle, the armor at the bottom is missing, and the Toyota logo on the air intake grille is also missing.

In addition to the different body colors on the side, there is also a missing wading hose. If you look closely, the interior of the Ocean Storm is gone.

The difference at the rear is the lack of license plates and FJ metal stickers.

The mirror lenses are all equally clear, which is good.


For the video of the two cars, simple off-road is still possible. During the video recording, the ocean storm accidentally fell from a height of 3 meters. Fortunately, the bottom was a little muddy, and the vehicle was in good condition and resisted the huge impact. The linked headlights only illuminate when driving, and the turn signals and brake lights are also linked.

In general, these two small scale climbing cars from fms have dropped a lot in price, as well as new colors and styles, which are good choices for model friends who like these two models. So which of these two storms do you prefer?

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