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Fusion Pro All-in-One PC 2nd Generation Review-RC Toys China

Fusion Pro All-in-One PC 2nd Generation Review

First of all, if you just look at the appearance, it looks the same. It is also a 540 size motor, but the Kv has been changed to 2300Kv, while the previous 1800Kv May be slower for some modelers.

The Haoying LOGO on the tail of the motor is also the same as before.

The Pro still has the FOC technology of the mountain axe, which is perfect for climbing.

6 motor fixed holes, the shaft is 3.175mm.

Comes with XT60 plug, also AMass, the best quality plug brand.Waterproof electronic switches, much more stable than mechanical ones, and a rear jack for setting.

This is the comparison between the Pro and the previous generation. The overall length is 6mm shorter, only 58mm, so that some climbing cars that can not be squeezed in, may be squeezed in. According to the official statement, the FOC driver algorithm of Pro has been upgraded, making the efficiency of Pro increased by 8% compared with the previous generation, and the power loss reduced by 30%. While the power is significantly improved, the heat output is the same as that of the previous generation Fusion, and the temperature rise is even lower during low-speed climbing, and the battery life is longer.

In terms of weight, although the Pro is 6mm shorter, it is almost the same weight as its predecessor.

Also surpass the size of the Pro by comparing its 540 motor to the classic black Surpass 550 motor.

In the Easy 4101, plenty of room left. In addition, Pro supports three operation modes: ordinary mode (reverse and reverse with brake), ordinary mode (direct reverse and reverse), fixed speed mode (direct reverse and reverse), which is suitable for more gameplay and vehicles. Of course, it is the first to push the climbing car, and the speed car is not suitable for this power.


In general, Haoying Fusion Pro has made improvements to some problems of the previous generation. When the integration is very high, it can shorten 6mm, which is really not easy. After all, land is expensive, and I believe it will become a popular power device for climbing.

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