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Getting Started with RC Model Cars - RC Toys for Adults-RC Toys China

Getting Started with RC Model Cars - RC Toys for Adults

Recently, I often see some value friends release some model trains, Lego, static models and share their experience with you, but there is no dynamic RC. This is undoubtedly a big lack in the model category. Although there are some unboxings such as the Thunderbolt Audi Double Diamond, it still belongs to the category of toys, which is completely different from the RC as a hobby.

As a "big boy" born in the 1980s around the age of 30, most people should have played four-wheel drive vehicles, starting with the four-wheel drive series of Tamiya Tamiya in Japan, and the Audi Double Diamond is the popularization ambassador.RC remote control model car introduction - remote control for adults Toys became popular in the early 1990s.

Well, the nonsense ends here. RC is the abbreviation of radio control in English. It is not a very popular sport whether it is domestic or foreign. Why do you say that? RC is indeed a sport that requires a significant investment of time and money. Therefore, those who have money may not necessarily have time, and those who have time may not necessarily have money to play.

A complete set of RC includes the following parts (this article only takes the remote control car model as an example) firstly the frame, secondly the remote control system, thirdly the power and steering system, and finally some peripheral tools and oil and other accessories.

1. Frame


The basis of RC is the frame. Different types of RC car models will have different types of frames. The above picture shows a flat road sports car, referred to as flat running. Other categories include off-road vehicles, short-distance trucks, large vehicles. Bicycles, climbing cars, F1, drift cars, etc., can also be divided into belt drive and shaft drive due to the difference in transmission structure. The above picture is a belt drive car. The frame can also be divided according to the proportion, 1:16 1:14 1:12 1:10 1:8 1:5, etc. Generally, those below 1:20 are collectively called mosquito cars, and the most played is 1:10. and 1:8 ratio.

In fact, the biggest difference between the RC and the usual remote control toy car is the frame. The frame of the RC can be finely adjusted from the height of the car to the inclination of the tires to the tightness of the transmission, as well as the height of the shock absorber. , which is produced to adapt to different remote control methods and different venue needs. This is also one of the joys of RC. Even if the same frame is in the hands of different people, there will be completely different settings and different sports characteristics due to the method.


2. Remote control system


The reason why RC is called RC is actually because of this remote control system. The remote control consists of two parts, one part is the remote control and the other part is the receiver. The remote control technology has evolved from the AM and FM of the year to the current popular 2.4G frequency band, which greatly increases the control distance and control accuracy of the remote control. And since most of the remote controllers now use digital technology, many functions can be realized through software, such as four-wheel steering, brake mixing and so on. A good remote control can also account for 1/3 or even half of the price of the entire RC model.

There are basically two types of remote controls, gun control and board control. The gun control is suitable for various flat remote control models, such as car models or ship models. The board control is suitable for aircraft models and some models that require complex operations. The remote control can also be divided according to the number of operable channels. The car model and the ship model need the most basic 2 channels to control. Better ones with a shift mechanism or need to control the lights may need 3~4 channels of remote control. The aircraft model needs a remote control with 6~8 channels or even 10+ channels according to the multiple surfaces it needs to operate.

 3. Power and steering system

The power system includes 3 parts, power battery, motor, and ESC. Power batteries are divided into early nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries that are widely used now. Since lithium battery cells are standard 3.7V voltage, lithium batteries for vehicles are all integers of this voltage, 2S is 7.4V, 3S is 11.1V, etc., up to 6S. And now the discharge value of lithium batteries for vehicles is very high, generally 30C~40C, and the batteries used in competitions can reach more than 60C. This is why it is said that this is an adult's toy, because this lithium battery has certain dangers, and it may catch fire and explode. Of course, the normal brand of lithium batteries is still very safe.

Motors are divided into two types: brushed motors and brushless motors. Due to the maturity of brushless motor technology, as well as its durability and power, it has basically replaced brushed motors and has become the heart of most RCs. Only some climbing models and original kit models still use brushed motors.

The ESC is a device used to cooperate with the motor to rectify the DC current of the power battery to generate a 3-phase drive current. Basically, it is divided according to the overcurrent capability, ranging from the basic 45A to the competitive violent 200A. Some motors have internal Sensor, requires an ESC with a sensor plug.

There is also a type of power system that is powered by oil, generally using a 2-stroke engine, using castor oil mixed with gasoline and other fuels. Due to the large size of the 2-stroke engine, it is more common in 1:10, 1:8 and 1:5 models. superior. However, due to the serious pollution in the current city and the noise beyond the square dance, I will not introduce it to you here. Interested children's shoes can be their own mothers


The steering gear, as the name implies, is the machine that steers the steering wheel. It is a special motor that controls the steering when placed on the car model. There are two indicators in total, the kilograms of driving and the response time. The average flat road sports car needs less kilograms, while the off-road vehicle needs a small amount of kilograms. The larger the number of kilograms, the lower the response time, the better, but this is what you get for every penny, you know


4. Tool oil and various accessories

Tools are worth every penny. It is said that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. A better set of tools is still needed. It is really a headache to screw up and then need to stop all the work to find parts. But you don't necessarily need a set of top-level HUDY, you know that if you want to complete a set of HUDY, you can buy another car to play with.... Secondly, there are various oil products. There are many transmission parts in the car, and all transmission parts will have friction loss, so oil products have become a must to reduce the loss and prolong the life of the vehicle. At the same time, there are also shock absorber oil differentials. These components can be adjusted to change the handling characteristics of oils with different viscosity labels. In addition to the above, there are also various consumables such as car shell paint, bearings, screws, tires, etc. that need to be reserved or replaced. Coupled with the Operational parts corresponding to different frames, this is the true meaning of the RC pit...

Having introduced so much, it is time to talk about the cost of a car. First of all, the cost of these four parts is not evenly distributed. If you want to save trouble, don’t want to study too much, or are very fond of a certain model from the original factory, then an RTR (Ready to Run) is the best for you. Basically, you just need to buy the battery separately and you're good to go. But remember that no matter how durable the RTR is, a set of tools is still necessary, because it is inevitable that a more tragic accident will not happen. At this point you need to do it yourself. The 1:10 RTR of an imported brand basically ranges from 1500 to 4000.

If you like hands-on, then a set of KIT is the best for you, but you also need to do some preparation before playing KIT. First of all, there are tools. If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools! If you have money, you can only buy a few commonly used tools, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 hexagon socket set screwdriver set, 5.5 and 7.0 two hexagonal sockets, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 three pull rod adjustment wrenches . With these you can basically assemble a 1:10 or 1:8 kit happily. Of course, I recommend the local tyrants [commodity: free shipping European top-grade HUDY 25th anniversary limited edition tool set 190005 limited edition] directly in one step, the tool is still relatively durable, if the budget is not too tight, it is better to buy a better one It's worth it, and it can even be used when repairing other small appliances.

With the tools, we have to consider what car we want to play. Getting Started with RC Model Cars - RC Toys for Adults What car you want to play with depends on what kind of venues are around you. Getting Started with RC Model Cars - RC Toys for Adults Why do you say that, because it directly affects you The frequency and mood of playing the car. If you have to drive 2-3 hours from one side of the city to the other side every time you play a car, I don't think you will go to play very often. Among these cars, flat running has the highest requirements on the venue. If you just find a flat ground to run stupidly, you will soon lose the fun... So if there is such a flat running car park near your home, you can start this kind of car. car. There will also be many model friends in the parking lot who can provide a lot of experience and technical help. The second is the drift car. Drifting requires a certain level of ground, such as a small city square. It would be even better if it is a smoother surface like marble. At this time, you only need to bring some road discs or even a few bricks to set up a small track to start drifting~ Of course, this is also the most eye-catching gameplay.

After deciding what kind of frame we want, we can start to look at the electronic equipment...Introduction to RC Model Cars - Remote Control Toys for Adults Waiting for something seems wrong... Isn't it time to choose a frame? NONONO, there are various grades of frames, and there will always be new frames to attract you, and the electronic equipment can be used for a long time, if you have a small budget. Invest as much as you can in remote control, power kits. For example, if you have a budget of 4000~5000, you can consider a remote control of around 1500, such as futuba 4pls or sanwa MT4S. This four-channel remote control is enough to control the lights of the vehicle and even shift gears. If the budget is tight, you can use Fuss GT3. , only about 200 yuan, I believe anyone can accept it. Then there is the steering gear. Generally speaking, SAVOX in Taiwan is basically a cost-effective choice. The response speed is fast, and the price is 200~400. Therefore, there is no need to choose a poorer one for the price difference of more than 100 and 200. You can choose futuba or sanwa steering gear when you are in and out

In terms of power system, domestic electronic technology, brushless motor technology and lithium-ion battery technology are still relatively advanced in the world. Coupled with the low cost (you know), it is basically a rhythm that does not give foreign brands a chance. Getting Started with RC Model Cars — Remote Control Toys for Adults Hobbywing and Shuangtian are the two largest brands in China, and the technology is also very mature. These brands have different grades of ESC motor sets to choose from, and the general price ranges from 500 to 1000. If it's not for the next game, then a set of 600~800 will be enough for you to play. If the speed is matched with a good gear ratio, it can also reach 60~80KM/h (different frame settings will be different.) I would recommend the wild trench [Commodity: Tekin RX8 GEN2+T8 GEN2 new advanced ESC set, spot, Shanghai Warranty for half a year] This off-road class is equipped with ... (sorry, I have played a lot of off-road recently). The batteries range from 200 to 300 pieces, and they are basically 2S. If you want to run for a longer time, choose a product with a large capacity, 6000mah or more. The reason why only 2S is introduced is because 2S is used the most, and if you plan to end the competition, it is generally limited to 2S. In addition, two 2S batteries can also be connected into 4S batteries, so the degree of violence of the vehicle is not the same, but in this crazy state, you must calculate the gear ratio and the bearing capacity of the motor ESC, otherwise it will be less If the gear is broken, it will cause the ESC to overheat and burn down or even burn down the whole vehicle.

Well, now most of the accessories for a set of cars have been assembled, only the frame part is left. It should have consumed about 2500~3000 yuan before, so the funds left for the frame are around 1500~2000. In this price range, there will be some entry-level or intermediate choices for various types of frames, including many foreign brands of frames. Also optional. For example, you can choose Serpent S411sport, Tamiya TA03 TA05, HPI TCFD, etc. for flat running. Drift frame can choose MST MS01d. Off-road class can choose Losi mini 8right, Losi scte 1.0, AE SC10 and so on.

Of course, the comrades can start with the top-grade frames of various brands. Generally, this kind of frame is 4,000~5,000 yuan. The materials and workmanship are all high-grade, and carbon fiber CNC 7075 aluminum alloy is widely used. In fact, from a one-step perspective, this kind of advanced frame is still much cheaper than upgrading from a primary frame to an advanced frame, but not everyone can afford this price, right?

The above is the budget required to complete a frame. Of course, if you really don’t have that much budget, you can also choose the domestic HSP unlimited. The price of 1000~2000 can have a complete set of RC, and all kinds of accessories are cheap There are also many upgrades. However, due to the cost problem, the accuracy of its materials and parts processing cannot be compared with foreign brands at all, resulting in unsatisfactory vehicle accuracy and average durability, but as the first RC, it can still make you familiar with the assembly and maintenance of the entire vehicle. All aspects of maintenance.


Common RC brandandintroductions

1 American brand

American brand, is mainly based on a large number of types of RTR cars. It is also an entertainment-oriented RC brand. It has many classic works, and a large number of manufacturers develop modified parts for it. Although the domestic price is not very close to the people, but The price of some overseas shopping is still gratifying, you know...

Team Associated, referred to as AE, is also an old RC brand. Unlike Traxxas, it has a large number of high-end racing cars, ranging from flat running to off-road. And have good results.

Like AE, Losi is also an old brand with a wide range of exposure, and it is also an old rival of AE. It has high-end competition products of the TLR brand, and its off-road product line is relatively long and has a large number of RTR entertainment products.

Axial, a brand that has grown up with the rise of climbing cars in recent years, has a large number of climbing models with high simulation and some more entertaining models, but it seems that the frame upgrades are more pitted...

Tecko's products are basically off-road, and at the same time, they also provide some enhancements and modifications for popular models of other manufacturers.

Team Durango is also a brand mainly based on off-road vehicles. It has its own characteristics in design, but the price is more expensive than Losi and AE..., but the accuracy is obvious to all.


2 European brands

Serpent is called Snake in China. The RC brand in the Netherlands is also an old factory. The accuracy and durability of the frame are not bad. There are various grades of frames, and the product line is relatively clear, mainly for flat road vehicles and off-road vehicles.

Xray is a Czech RC brand with ultra-high precision. It is famous for its high-end racing cars. It has achieved good results in both road and off-road vehicle competitions. Cons... expensive


3 Japanese brands

Tamiya's famous Tamiya, Tamiya's dabbling in RC is also quite extensive, and there are many famous models such as entry-level TT01, and various levels of frames for people to choose from, but Japanese manufacturers are bi~ everyone. It should also be understood that the accuracy is good but the price/performance ratio is low... OP will kill your wallet...

Overdose is also a drift car manufacturer in Japan. In the past, it was mainly high-end modified parts. Currently, there is only one belt drive drift car, and a second axle drive car will be released this year.
The frame configuration + local tyrant price is definitely YY holy Taste.
The Kyosho brand is also a major RC brand in Japan, with various grades of flat and off-road vehicles, as well as a large number of recreational vehicles. Kyosho has a special series called the MINI-Z series of mosquito cars, which are also divided into flat road, off-road, bigfoot, F1 and other series. This collection is quite refined, and there are plenty of mods to match.

HPI should be a Japanese brand (this seems to be controversial). The brand covers a wide range from flat road, off-road, big feet to 1:5 large scale. It is also a brand that can satisfy high, medium and low grades. At the same time, a lot of treasures are available. Accessories are available.

4 Hong Kong and Taiwan brands

Team Magic covers a wide range of RC brands, but it seems that each series is in the second-tier position, and parts are more difficult to buy. However, its peripheral products such as tools and car bags are sold well in China.

3Racing Sakura is famous for its cost-effective frame, and the high-end frame also has good precision. The threshold of a few hundred yuan for the entry frame is still quite friendly to the novice.

Due to the backwardness of domestic precision machining technology and craftsmanship, the domestic brands of the frame will not be introduced to you. Although the cost performance is good, the accuracy and resistance are not as good as those of the international brands.


5 Powertrain Brands

Since domestic battery technology, brushless motor technology and software technology are still relatively competitive internationally, this domestic brand is still quite powerful, including some foreign players who will choose domestic brands to use, and domestic brands will also be used for foreign countries. Some big factories do OEM, so the technology of domestic factories in this area is relatively reliable.

  Domestic famous ones are DualSky, HobbyWing, tenshock, KUBE, skyRC, etc., which are basically produced in Guangdong. Like Hobbywing and Shuangtian, there is a relatively complete after-sales system, so there is no need to find a treasure store for warranty. .International brands include tekin, speed passion, Viper, Reedy, etc. The price is generally unbearable for beginners, or the cheap and big bowl of domestic brandsThe servos are basically mainly from Taiwan SAVOX, and there are also Japanese Futuba brands, but the price/performance know.


6 Remote control system brands

The remote control is basically occupied by the two major Japanese brands, Futuba and Sanwa. Of course, there are also GT3 from the domestic manufacturer Fuss for beginners to use, and the American brand Spektrum is also a good cost-effective choice.

The above beginner's experience is just a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of RC. If you want to play well, you still need more mechanical and electronic knowledge to be supplemented. I won't talk about it here. In general, RC is actually a reduced car. A real car with all the characteristics of a real car. When playing with a car, due to the large body weight and fast speed (flat running can easily exceed 100km/h), it is not comparable to ordinary children's toys. This pit is very big, please think twice before entering the pit.

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