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Grass planting Article 31: Fall resistant and good-looking. This professional remote control car is really loved!

Grass planting Article 31: Fall resistant and good-looking. This professional remote control car is really loved!

The savage doll's car has been on the market for a long time. The design is very good-looking, and a bunch of high-tech introductions are very attractive. My father planted grass for a long time, but I didn't buy it (I'm really cruel!).


Recently, we have been engaged in activities and won less than 200!

1、 Unpacking display
Box body:
There are play suggestions on it. In fact, it is 7 years old +, which is suitable for older children.

 Front of box body

Bottom of box body

My father urged me to buy a 7-year-old + remote control car for my preschool child... I suspect he wants to play! Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love!

Open and pull out:

The remote control vehicle and remote control have separate clamping positions to ensure that they will not be worn during transportation.

2、 Body observation
The car body is red and streamlined. It is very simple and beautiful. Adults will like it.

Red with white, with 8 characters written on it.

Children like to prefer a color when they are young, but this one in my family just likes red. Coincidentally, it's not ~

The switch is at the bottom of the car and in the middle of the battery box. It's very interesting. When I opened it, I found that there are two battery boxes inside. It's rare.
We use Zimi Ni MH rechargeable battery, and the price is half of Zimi lithium rechargeable battery

3、 Remote control

A little round and fat, very cute. There are no hard edges and corners, like an ordinary remote control is fermented and steamed ~
I feel that the baby will take a bite from the fortress next, ha ha

What's special about the remote control is that in addition to the two control levers of acceleration and direction, there are also two buttons, a switch button and a knob to fine tune the direction of the remote control vehicle.

4、 Detail experience

1. Switch

Unlike ordinary remote control cars, this car has switches on the body and even on the remote control.
The advantage is that it can avoid accidental touch and save power.

The disadvantage is that it's a little cumbersome to turn on the switch twice every time.

2. Battery box

The remote control box and the battery box of the remote control car are all screwed down. Well, I think it's a little cumbersome. I really hate screwing the screws to change the battery.

If the remote control car is worried about collision or falling, and screws are the most secure method, the remote control can be at least a little simpler.

Speaking of battery cover, in contrast, I prefer the card slot design of Xinghui remote control car, which is simple and firm.

I bought this model from Xinghui. The simulation is very good, but it can't stand falling. It didn't take long to break... It's important to buy a remote control car for young children. Otherwise, it will be a one-time orz.

3. Body texture

The shell is not as beautiful as plastic. It is made of high-strength imported plastic, which is very resistant to falling and collision. In addition to the excellent material, the plastic of its own shell is also very thick. The doll has fallen several times, which makes me very distressed, but the car is very calm!

I don't know if I can play for 10 years, but at least it won't be broken in less than a month like the previous remote control car. Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love! Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love! Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love!

The car body is not all inclusive. On the contrary, you can see the hollowed out inside and the separated shell. Compared with another yoyo car in his family, I think the all inclusive style makes people feel a little safer

His car is red. It's really nice

4. Uninterrupted power supply setting

Many remote-controlled cars have automatic power-off settings. If you put it there and don't open it for a long time, it will sleep by itself. In this way, it can avoid wasting electricity because of children's carelessness (in fact, not only children, but adults often forget orz).

But this car is not. As long as you leave the switch on, it will never stop - until you run out of the last drop of battery! Why would I say it's the last drop? Because the replaced battery can't even sing a music box that doesn't consume much power

Moreover, it consumes the same power as when driving, which is a little hurt

The brand-new Nanfu battery installed during the first time of playing was played for 10 minutes. I didn't care about it for a long time, and then the electricity was drained
So when I use it later, I can't help but want to detect the switch orz. But fortunately, the preschool children at home are very smart. After reminding him, they remember to turn off the switch every time they play well. Sure enough, they are very attentive to things related to the car. Praise!

5、 Use experience

① The speed is very fast

Almost to the old driver will be amazed!

I couldn't help but go to the customer service and ask if the car can speed up?

The answer of customer service is full of hope: Yes!

The next words make me want to cry again. Hahaha: you can adjust the speed, but you can only adjust it faster and wilder!

Good. I like it very much.

Specific switching mode: turn on the power of the remote control, and the default mode is normal mode. Switch to savage mode: please turn off the power supply of the remote control first, push up the accelerator rocker to the maximum position, hold it down and turn on the power supply of the remote control at the same time. To return to normal mode, just turn off and turn on the remote control switch.

I said I was too fast, could you slow down!

Customer service said: you can add less throttle, it will be slow!

It turns out that it's fall resistant and beautiful. This professional remote control car is really loved! Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love! Fall resistant and good-looking, this professional remote control car is really love!

② The drift is great

Drift to change direction or something is really handy. Turn around at any time. It's very handsome!

③ It sucks sperm when you go out

Haha, this car starts with its appearance. After all, it's an advantage to look good. In addition, its vigorous pace, 360 degree turn around in place, it's easy to make the baby the most beautiful kid in this square when you take it out to play - other children have been attracted by the car

6、 Talk about technology

When my husband planted grass for me, I said a lot about the high technology of this remote control car.

Fall resistance test:

This car is known as a remote control car that can play for 10 years. It is generally understood that it is pressure resistant and fall resistant: it passed the test of bearing 200 kg and also did the drop test of 100cm height. It really makes people feel stable.

differential mechanism:

In addition, different from the general remote control vehicle, the front wheel of the vehicle moves when it is not turned on, and the rotation direction of the two wheels is different, because the differential is added. The differential can adjust the speed difference between the left and right wheels, so that the rotation speed of the car is basically the same when driving on a curve, which is also the reason why it can turn so calmly.

In addition, there are a lot of professional high-tech such as multi person remote control without interference and ultra long endurance. Since my use scene does not require high professionalism, I don't pay much attention to these points, so I won't be wordy. If you are interested, you can go to the official website.












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