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Hobao VTE2 1/7 extreme speed, linear acceleration frame - currently the fastest 295km/h-RC Toys China

Hobao VTE2 1/7 extreme speed, linear acceleration frame - currently the fastest 295km/h

Extreme speed and linear acceleration are the two most violent gameplays in RC remote control cars. With the increasing number of groups, new products have also been released. The Hebao VTE2 frame is specially designed for these two extreme gameplays. Let's follow Tommy to see the characteristics of this frame.

The box on the outside of the VTE2, just this frame diagram, the extreme in the upper left corner is really suitable for this frame, and the lower right corner also has the characteristics of the frame: drag racing, extreme speed, ARR frame, etc.

There is no fixing and cushioning inside, which makes the box a little broken.

Manuals, motor mounts and other accessories packages and frames.

Accessories such as motor mounts and rear body pillars.

First look at the weight, only 2467g.

In addition, the F1 frame with a carbon fiber rear wing was replaced without a mid-passenger, 2980g.

There is also a ZD EX07 frame with a carbon fiber chassis, 2683g.

Through the comparison of these three 1/7 frames, we can find that the VTE2 is really light. It has not been changed to the carbon fiber chassis, but to the battery compartment. Lighter weight wheels have lower rolling resistance. In addition, under the same traction, the smaller the mass, the faster the acceleration and deceleration, F=ma. In addition, the wheelbase of VTE2 is the same as that of F1, and the wheelbase is similar. The wheelbase of ZD EX07 is slightly longer, which is a bit troublesome to match with other existing 1/7 car shells. In addition, the wheelbase is wider, and it is not easy to match the car shell.

VTE2 is just suitable for the common 1/7 speed car shell, and the wind resistance is small.

The chassis of the VTE2 is made of 3mm aluminum alloy. The advantage is that the middle part of the entire chassis is flat, which is convenient to change to a carbon fiber chassis.

The battery compartments on both sides of the chassis are slightly bent, and there are hollow slots. The battery compartments can be adjusted in various sizes.

There are two hollows in the VTE2 motor seat, which can change the front and rear positions of the motor seat, so that a longer motor can be placed in front. This original design is very careful and is very suitable for extreme speed and linear acceleration.

The original motor seat is on the left side of the frame. The installation method of the motor in the front can also be rotated 180°, so that the motor is installed in the rear.

The second floor fixed seat is also CNC aluminum alloy.

The base of the shock absorber also has a fixed spring. The hardness of this spring is acceptable. When running extremely fast, the twisted teeth of the shock absorber must be screwed to the end, and the rear swing arm must be adjusted to the highest position, in order to prevent take-off.

The front and rear butterfly frames are also made of aluminum alloy. In the future, they can also be replaced with carbon fiber to further reduce the weight and increase the strength.

The front and rear arms of VTE2 are made of aluminum alloy, which ensures the strength.

The front of VTE2 can put down a 100mm long Citadel 1721 motor. If you want to have a longer motor in front, you can move the motor seat back. With this 1721 motor, breaking 300Km/h is enough. If you think it is not enough, you can form a double motor. The new Guinness world fastest record should be broken this year, which is the double 1721 motor combination.

If you want to put the motor in the rear, there is enough space. The castle's 2028 motor and 56113 size can also be put down, but the motor seat has to be replaced with a special motor seat for 56.

The VTE2 uses the same double-ball steering seat as the ARRMA F1.

The drive shaft of VTE2 is 4mm, which looks a little thin, but it is enough, and the actual measurement can run to nearly 300km/h.

The front and middle transmission shaft of VTE2 is 6mm thick, and the rear middle transmission is two dog bones fixed on a 15mm diameter aluminum alloy tube. In order to prevent the most important rear and middle transmission shaft from shaking, the official specially designed such a particularly thick transmission. Another advantage of VTE2 compared to arrma F1 is that the mid-pass is in a straight line under the top view, so the transmission efficiency is higher, and the motor seat can sink after waiting, so that the mid-pass is viewed from the side view, and the mid-pass is also a line On a straight line, the transfer efficiency will be higher. Compared with the arma F1, it is inclined, which is the fundamental reason why the middle and rear transmissions are shaking.


In general, the frame design of Hebao VTE2 directly sees what is required for extreme speed and drag racing. The thicker transmission shaft, the symmetrical layout of the battery compartment, and the placement of motors in the front and rear positions are all very rich. These features also make VTE2 do not need to change the OP parts, the original factory can run to a speed of nearly 300km/h, which is very suitable for novice and extreme players.

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