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How does the RC remote control increase the remote control distance? Take Fusi NB4 Pro as an example, a more complete and convenient method of reform.-RC Toys China

How does the RC remote control increase the remote control distance? Take Fusi NB4 Pro as an example, a more complete and convenient method of reform.

I wrote about how to change the range extender before. The previous version can be called version 1.0. The disadvantage is that after the remote control is changed, it usually does not need such a long remote control distance. Without power supply to the range extender, the distance is greatly reduced, which is only tens of meters. The distance, less than 50 meters, is now an improved version of 2.0.

The previous steps are the same as before.

Start by removing the base and remove all the screws near the handle.

This is what it looks like when it is removed. You can see a 18650 battery at the handle.

Then remove the screen and remove the cable, so that the screen can be completely separated from the handle.

The white one in the middle is where the cable is installed.

The screen part is fixed by the buckle and the handle at the bottom, which is very firm and easy to disassemble. Remove 4 screws.

The top and bottom card slots can be opened.

A section of the antenna is glued here.

Pull out the screen from the top, you can first remove the other end of the cable, so it is easy to take out.

Take out the screen, and there is only a protective frame left. The aluminum alloy sandblasting has a good texture. When I removed it, I found that the screen was a little tight. That is because Fuss has a good workmanship and the gap is well controlled. Leave the protective frame and push it up again.

There is a same hole at the back where the original factory connects the cable. I asked the official technology and said that two antennas cannot be connected at the same time.

Buy IPEX-K female, 1.13mm wire diameter, you must buy the first generation, this kind of wire diameter, do not buy the one with the smaller head.

It's OK to replace it, and the other end is an SMA male.

Then fix it on the plastic board of NB4 Pro.

When you don't need to extend the range, you can install a small antenna and the distance is very long.

When you need to extend the range, install the extended range. This time I choose the extended range of the pigeon pattern. Many foreign speed bosses are using it. It is cheaper and easier to use than the previous sharp eagle. The only disadvantage is that it is too heavy. If you feel that it is easy to fall down when erected, you can put it on one side.

Then in the most important part of the power supply, I found that the mobile power supply at the bottom of Fuss can completely supply power for the extended range. Although the voltage of 3.7V cannot reach the minimum voltage of the extended range, I have actually measured that the extended range can also work, and the distance is also Yes, just to be on the safe side, I bought another boosted USB port, and the boost to 12V is enough.

The only downside is that the line is too long and not short.

The other end of the cable is plugged into the range extender. This way of power supply eliminates the trouble of having to prepare a separate battery before, which is more convenient and hassle-free.

As for the reason why I chose NB4 to change the extended range running speed before, this time I used NB4 Pro to change it, because NB4 is the most suitable remote control for running speed, there is no one. Because Fuss manufacturers listened to the suggestions of speed drivers, they added the function of adjustable channel speed, which is very suitable for speed. The most perfect way to run the throttle at extreme speed is a straight line, and the throttle is pressed linearly, which can minimize the pressure drop and achieve the fastest speed. Tommy has compared it before. When I press it by hand, when it is about to reach the floor oil, it is easy for people to press it to the end quickly. The slope of the throttle curve is too large, so the voltage drops more and the speed is slow. After changing the automatic throttle, the speed was significantly improved, from 76km/h to 89km/h. The channel speed of NB4 Pro has a new function, which can set 2 or 3 different throttle speeds. For example, the first 20% of the throttle is set to 0 delay, controlled by yourself, the middle 20%-80% throttle interval is set to run in 5 seconds, and the last 80%-100% throttle interval is set to run in 3 seconds. , the closer to the floor oil, the smaller the slope of the throttle curve, the smoother the better.

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