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Naughty Dragon 1/16 E1 GAZ 71 Tracked Vehicle - Great value RC car

Naughty Dragon 1/16 E1 GAZ 71 Tracked Vehicle - Great value RC car


The box is printed with a picture of the E1, and there is a carry position on the top.

Accessories other than the vehicle: remote controls, manuals, chargers, screwdrivers and stickers and various body trim accessories.

After installation, I found an extra hook, which seems to be a spare.

After assembling the E1 with accessories, independent parts such as lights and wipers need to be installed by yourself.

There is a tow hook at the rear of the E1, which can be attached to a tow bucket later.

All the wheel covers of the E1 need to be installed by themselves, and a little force is required, otherwise they will not get in. The suspension of the E1 is a bit stiff, or the body is too light.

The doors on both sides of the E1 can be opened, and they also need to be installed by themselves. The interior can also see the upper gear handle.

The handle on the top of the door on the top of the E1 needs to be installed by yourself, and the fan grille at the rear also needs to be installed. The white back bucket can be taken away, and the cargo can be loaded inside.

The bottom actually said that no sand is allowed to go away, and the crawler is only interesting to play on it. In addition, others disassembled it and found that the front of the E1 is a dual 130 motor. You can replace it with a longer 180 motor, or even a brushless motor. It is waterproof and you can dive and play.

The battery compartment is in the middle, and there is a switch. If you feel that it is not enough, you can put the battery in the back of the car. The battery life is definitely enough, but you are worried that the motor and ESC will overheat and burn for a long time.

In general, Naughty Dragon E1 is launched, which has both a simulated appearance and a highly playable track. The price is very high, suitable for children and model lovers.


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