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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10
"New Batman" with the same remote control car has been listed!-RC Toys China

"New Batman" with the same remote control car has been listed!

The New Batman movie opens in North America on March 4, 2022. Earlier, Mattel also announced that it had partnered with DC to create a classic collectible for all Black Knight fans: a high-quality Hot Wheels Batmobile remote control car.

Based on the rebuilt Batmobile, the RC car is over 48 cm long and nearly 25 cm wide, with rear-wheel drive and capable of reaching a top speed of 20-24 kilometers per hour.

To give players a truly premium experience, the Batmobile also comes with its own docking station, complete with a lighting system. LED lights next to the car illuminate the entire black body of the Batmobile, from the white headlights to the yellow glow under the hood and even the engine glowing red, with the iconic Bat-Signal printed on the LED lights.

When accelerating, water vapor is expelled through the rear vents. There is also a removable 6-inch statue of Bruce Wayne in the driver's seat.

In addition, the collection includes many of the technical screens found in the Caped Crusader Batcave.

This Hot Wheels Batman Premium Batmobile RC car is currently available for order, if you are interested, you can check it out~


In addition to co-branding with Batman, Hot Wheels also released a limited-edition "Seville by Gucci" Cadillac with Gucci earlier this month. This model was created to celebrate Gucci's 100th anniversary. According to Gucci, the 1:6 scale model of the car represents "an exemplary expression of late '70s style and a testament to the brand's forward thinking."

A unique vinyl top covers only the rear C-pillar, interlocking double "G" crests, gold Gucci hood trim, gold piping on the seats, and Gucci's wheel logo and webbing stripes across the trunk.

Hot Wheels models pay homage to classic cars with authentic details and are presented in stylish display cases and packaging produced by Gucci.

The legendary model car has also been added to the new Hot Wheels Unleashed video game as a 1:64 scale replica.


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