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Power King - Smart Hand Dazzling Ball Review-RC Toys China

Power King - Smart Hand Dazzling Ball Review

Today, I'm going to talk to you about this power king - Miaoshou Xuanfeng Ball. This is an aircraft that is remotely controlled by gesture sensing.


The outer packaging is very cool, it looks very sci-fi, and the full English description is not easy to understand.


The front transparent plastic spherical outer packaging, you can see the wonderful hand whirlwind ball.


On the side is the display of several operating techniques and the introduction of the flight path of the whirlwind ball. You can see the sign in the lower right corner that no remote control is required.


There is the only Chinese label on the back, the origin is Guangdong, it seems that this product is exported to domestic sales.


Fortunately, the manual is in Chinese. The first page mainly introduces the names of various parts of the dazzling ball, switches, charging sockets, etc.


This page mainly introduces the basic operation method of the dazzling wind ball. It mainly controls the flying of the dazzling wind ball by touching it with both hands.


This page is the advanced tutorial description, through the combination of actions, you can also make the dazzling ball perform various stunt actions.


 Take out the dazzling wind ball. In fact, the dazzling wind ball is similar to a four-propeller drone. The outside is made of plastic mesh to form a sphere to wrap the aircraft. The plastic mesh has a certain elasticity, which can well protect the aircraft from being damaged, and the propellers will not hit the hand during manipulation and play, which plays a double protection role. The white hemisphere in the middle of the craft can glow.


 The toy comes with four spare propellers and a propeller disassembler.


Working like a crowbar, you can remove and replace the propeller with a single pry.


Dazzling Ball Propeller and Main Motor


Equipped with a USB charging cable, the charging interface is a universal interface, and most mobile phone chargers can be used.


 During the charging process, the center light of the Hyunwind Ball will flash red light, the charging time is about 1 hour, and the light will turn green when fully charged.


At the bottom, you can see the charging socket on the top, a bottom sensor in the middle to control the height, and the power switch on the bottom.


The aircraft is in a closed flight state when it is inverted, so the propeller will never turn when it is inverted, ensuring safety.


Turn on the switch, the center hemisphere of the aircraft starts to flash white light until it turns green, and it is ready to fly.


When the light in the central hemisphere turns green, it means you can fly. Flip the dazzling ball, hold it steady and shake it upwards or throw it up, and the dazzling ball will fly.


There are also four red sensors around the dazzling wind ball. Due to the control of the left and right movement of the dazzling wind ball, when the hand is close to the red sensor, the dazzling wind ball will fly to the other side.


There are four main blades in the dazzling ball, and it flies smoothly. Although there is a plastic ball net on the outside of the aircraft, the mesh is relatively large. When playing and controlling, you need to keep your palm flat and do not put your fingers into the wind ball. The four propellers are not vegetarian.


I wasn't very good at first and got hit by the propeller trying to catch the ball. It still hurts a lot, but fortunately, it's a plastic blade, which didn't cause any other damage to the body. From this point of view, this dazzling ball is still barely passing the test in terms of safety.


A close-up of the red probe sensor. The battery capacity of the aircraft is not large, so the flight time is also limited, and the continuous flight is only about 10 minutes.

Come fly. This dazzling ball is very difficult to control because it is controlled by gestures without a remote control. Often a gesture is wrong or not well controlled, and it will fly freely to the distance in the heart. Therefore, the manual also clarifies that the aircraft must be used indoors.

After practicing for a long time, the children can finally control it within their control range, but they really failed to play any high-level movements and stunts. Can not let it fly out of my palm is already sweating profusely.

Summary: This is a small aircraft controlled by gestures, suitable for entertainment at home. It is very interesting and fun to watch the official introduction and promotion. You can do a lot of actions and stunts with your hands without a remote control, which is very cool and cool. However, the actual operation is a bit difficult. If you are not careful, the wind ball will "free yourself", so you must remember to play indoors. Or maybe my level is not enough. I once suspected that the sensor was not sensitive enough to sense my gestures. However, its disorderly flight makes children very happy to play, and it will be interesting to see if you can learn to manipulate stunts through practice later.







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