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RC Chapter 80: Torque measurement of Frsky's first steering gear series Xact S5454H and S5455H

RC Chapter 80: Torque measurement of Frsky's first steering gear series Xact S5454H and S5455H

As a traditional remote control manufacturer, Ruiskai is well-known in the field of model aircraft, and now it has launched its own steering gear series. The first price is very cheap. The price is less than 300 yuan, and the torque parameters are not small. It is enough for climbing cars. Let's follow Tommy to see these two steering gears.

The packaging box of Xact is very small, using a plastic box, with the Xact LOGO on the front and side

There are a bunch of common nylon servo arms in the accessories. It would be better if you can send an aluminum alloy servo arm. In addition to the steering gear arm is the manual, a very small one.

Open the manual, the left side is the measurements of the steering gear, it seems that the future color is also available in rose red. On the right side are the parameters of several servos, named from 5451-5455, there are a total of 5 servos, the torque is getting bigger and bigger, the response speed is getting slower and slower, after all, the power of the servos is the same, the torque is large, the speed is slow, and the speed is slow. Fast torque is small. There is also a standard stall current below, the higher the voltage, the greater the current. There is also a hollow cup steering gear. For this kind of brushless type, the high pressure resistance is almost the same, and the heat will be larger, but it is cheaper. It is worth noting that there is a ±15% error behind the official torque value.

Let's take a look at the Xact steering gear, the overall aluminum alloy casing, supports waterproofing, but also supports programming, its own remote control programming, adaptive S-bus high-speed protocol, and applies new designs such as the steering gear intelligent stall protection system. There are common functions, but the programming can be matched with your own remote control, so there is no need to set a separate card. In addition, the intelligent stall protection will detect the stall time, slowly reduce the torque, and try to avoid overheating and burning of the steering gear.

There are 4 fixing screws at the bottom and CE certification.

There is a standard model on the top of the Xact servo

Add the weight of the wire, nearly 80g

This is the torque measurement done by Tommy. Because the steering arm is a 2cm torque, the reading kg should be multiplied by 2. If you don't understand, please review the physics knowledge of junior high school. Torque = force x force arm. There are also manufacturers of false standard torque of the steering gear on the market. Generally, mold friends can't test it. First, you can buy a professional torque measuring instrument to test (manufacturers have more test videos), or you can use a regulated power supply + scale like Tommy. Test, this kind of setup is relatively simple, and it is also used a lot abroad. It can be seen in the video that the torques of these two servos of Xact at 6V, 7.4V and 8.4V voltages are almost the same as the target ones, and some even have higher measured values.

In general, the first Xact series of Ruiskai can be said to be very cost-effective. The price is less than 300 yuan, and the torque is not false. As for the speed test of the steering gear, I look forward to the future brushless steering gear, and other methods will be used to compare and test the response speed of the steering gear.












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