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RC part 63: easy to control yk6101 1 / 10 flying Hunter Land Rover D110 6x6 - the most cost-effective 1 / 10 6x6 climbing car-RC Toys China

RC part 63: easy to control yk6101 1 / 10 flying Hunter Land Rover D110 6x6 - the most cost-effective 1 / 10 6x6 climbing car

Creative position statement: initial purchase

Easy control finally produced a 1 / 10 6x6 climbing car. Presumably, many model friends are waiting. With the selling point of easy control and high cost performance, this car has also attracted the attention of many people. Let's follow Tommy to see this car.

The box is made of kraft paper, which is environmentally friendly, but there is no special introduction, but the cost is reduced, which benefits consumers.

The instructions, stickers and remote control basically don't need to be read. You can read them when you really disassemble the car and replace parts.

Easy to control yk6101, with the number representing 6 wheels and 1 / 10 ratio, is the first model. The prototype car is the Land Rover Defender D110 pickup modified by the British Refitting Factory flying Huntsman. It has a 6.2L displacement and 430 horsepower. The real car sells for 500000 pounds (a used car with 100 miles), which is equivalent to more than 4.47 million yuan. In the UK, the price is directly Mercedes Benz G550 4X4 ² Twice the price of g63 6x6 AMG, which is more expensive than g63 6x6 AMG. For those players who think the prototype car of the model is not expensive enough, this model meets your needs.

The comparison of front face and front face is easy to control, and it is done in a very high level. The proportion and details are restored to the real car as much as possible. The style of the flying Hunter Refitting Factory can be recognized at the first glance of the air inlet grille. At first, some people think the car is ugly. When they get the real object, or look at the real car map, they will find that it is still very good-looking.

The 6101 should be made according to this model. The wheel hub is outlined in red circles. Compared with the real car, it lacks some rivet details.

From the side of the 6101, the overall proportion is also very coordinated. It feels the same as the real car. Tommy at the rear wheel has screwed up the knuckle preset of the shock absorber, so that the rear will be high, forming a front low and rear high appearance, which is conducive to climbing and feels the same as the real car.

In terms of the tail, the 6101 is quite different from the real car. Let alone the details of the rivets, the proportion of the rear bucket door panel began to be out of balance. In addition, there are many versions of real cars. Some rear buckets are sealed, and some can be pulled.

In terms of interior decoration, the 6101 simply made the steering wheel. After all, the soft shell and specific details can't be like the hard shell. It's very similar to a real car.

The roof is also relatively simple. It looks very flat without unnecessary details. In addition, the roof is not very pressure resistant. Tommy tried to sit on it and it is easy to deform.

The rear bucket rack marked with easy to control logo is metal, and the other near the rear window is nylon.

The chassis is an extension of four wheels of 10 cars, with metal pull rods and metal transmission shafts to ensure high-intensity play. There are nylon pedals on both sides.

The steering gear arms are all made of metal, and there is also a rudder guard. If you feel that the rudder is under extreme operation, you can replace the attached pull rod.


Metal railing and transmission. In addition, the shock absorber is adjustable with twisted teeth. It is recommended to screw the rear four shock absorbers to 3 / 4.


2. The connecting transmission shaft of the 3-axle does not need to worry about falling off. The measured limit torque will not fall off.

There are fixed screw holes at the front and rear of the car. In addition to fixing the car shell with strong magnetic field, the new car is easy to control. It is also tightened with this kind of screw, so it is not afraid of overturning.

This fender is very soft and easy to swing.

The light routing inside the car shell is very regular, and there is strong magnetic fixation at the head and tail.

The frame is simply extended. The motor is 750 with brush and haoying 1060 electric adjustment. It is estimated that because of 10 cars, there is no 880 electric adjustment supporting 4S, but you can replace it yourself. Make complaints about the battery compartment is the same as before, you can later DIY own longer, suitable for long time traversing, after all, there is space.

The original power set is compared with the 4082 set. You can also change the 4272 inductive motor by yourself to play with the castle x8s and 8s, which can be fast or slow.

The differential lock of the rear axle is controlled by a steering gear and set the same as trx6.

At the rear of the frame, in order to ensure stability, three pillars are used, and the connections of lights are placed at the back.

The style of the wheel hub is also very similar to that of a real car. With a diameter of 118mm and a wheel hub of 2.2, it can't be simply replaced by itself. It can only be boiled by many domestic mold friends or heated with a hot-air gun.

It is worth mentioning that the tread pattern of 6101 is basically the same as that of proline 1.9 hyrax, and the formula is also said to be similar, but the diameter is 2mm smaller. Tommy's actual measurement, climbing and slope test are indeed similar to that of proline 1.9 hyrax of G8 formula, which is not worse than that of proline. Among all RTR climbers, Tommy has measured the best tire grip. There is no money to buy proline. This easy to control tire is also a very good choice.









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