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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10
Savage Doll RC Racing-RC Toys China

Savage Doll RC Racing

The shape of this sports car is really good-looking, with smooth lines and very comfortable. Compared with many other remote control cars, people like it more.

It comes with a better remote control, the normal remote control is black.

There is also a blue one of the same model, but I remember the red one looks better.

There are also police cars now, and the children will probably like it. There are more police lights, but there is no sound.

You can add headlights yourself, but this headlight needs to be done by yourself.

This police car looks good too. Buy another one later if it's cheaper.

Said to be able to support a weight of 200 kg. I would love to see what structure.

I took it apart and looked at it, and it seems to be working fine.

The shell is also very thick.

I don't know what these parts are, but they are all firmly fixed.

I feel that the wiring on the fuselage can be fixed best.

The yellow wire is the antenna?

Dirty tires...

The remote control feels very good, and it is small.

The remote has lights and a breathing effect. Much better than the black remote.

This handle works best with the yellow car. You can rely on the body to sense the remote control car and feel the vibration from the car.

The gray knob is to control the fine-tuning of the front wheel of the car, so that the car can go straight.

Full proportional control, full speed when the joystick is pushed to the end.



1. The car is good, with beautiful shape and smooth lines. This look will make people like it at first sight.

2. The car is very strong, and it's okay to often hit the wall at the corner of the table.

3. This new remote control is good, better than the old one, has lights, has breathing effect, and is more sensitive.

4. The playability is higher. Although children don't know what full scale and what rc are, they can feel it in the process of experience.

5. It's a bit expensive for daily use, so wait until the festival event to buy it.



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