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Surpass rocket Powerful 2 Pole model motor evaluation-RC Toys China

Surpass rocket Powerful 2 Pole model motor evaluation

It is well known that the motor in RC model is mainly dominated by 4 magnetic poles. Surpass manufacturers have introduced a 2-pole motor this time, which, unlike the traditional perception of a 2-pole motor as weak and lethality, is a proxy for strength and power.

This motor belongs to the Powerful series. The model number and Kv are engraved on the surface of the motor, and the naming rule is based on the diameter and length of the motor. This means 45mm diameter, 115mm length, and 4T means the stator copper wire is wound four times.

There are many fixed holes of different sizes on the fixed surface of the motor. It should be noted that the fixed screw should not be too long, otherwise it will touch the cooling fan inside.

There is a cooling fan in the head of the motor and an exhaust port. The temperature of the front of the motor is lower than that of the tail after running the top speed, measured by infrared thermal imager.

The hole at the end of the motor is an intake, and air flows through the gap between the stator and the rotor to cool the inside.

The weight of this motor is 943G, which should be the heaviest 4X diameter motor, without adding the weight of the motor wire.

The normal length is 115mm without the fan, but the length with the fan is 126mm.

The diameter is basically 45mm.

From the front of the fan cover, motor fixed rotating screw cover, you can see there full of stator copper wire, very much, all filled with and without any gap, so that power is big, the other two poles why no reluctance motor, because there is no traditional four poles and more motor stator slot, although also have the 2 pole motor silicon steel sheet, But only in the stator copper wire outer ring has a circle of iron core, so there is no groove, naturally there is no groove. General 4 pole motor that is copper wire of the stator winding on the silicon steel sheet slot, stator magnetic also, because of the groove, the stator magnetic field intensity is not the same, where there is slot and slotless changed a lot, so when players handle the motor shaft, motor rotor rotates with the stator have that tooth feeling, is a hot meal. Many mold friends think that this kind of resistance is the performance of magnetic force, in fact, this kind of cognition is very wrong. The magnetic strength of the magnet needs to be measured with professional instruments, such as the Gaussian meter below.

The magnetic induction intensity of this 2-pole motor is 542.4MT, which is the magnet with the highest magnetic induction intensity among all kinds of high-end high-power motors tested by Tommy.

The intuitive embodiment of no grooved sense is the hand twist motor, very smooth, can idling for a while.

The internal bearing is also very large. The 8mm inner hole and the thicker shaft will make the rotation more stable, reduce the jitter and increase the strength.

Motor rotor is drawn, you can see the output shaft of 8 mm, the front of the fan and the rotor with carbon fiber, carbon fiber is to prevent the rotor speed is too high to jilt explosion, commonly is kevlar binds the rotor of motor metal rotor sets of advanced motor, the only information used carbon fiber sleeve, because of the high cost and the technological requirements, natural effect is the best, Tesla Model S Plaid also uses carbon fiber rotor sleeves for its motors.

There are also parts cut off after the dynamic balance. In addition, many people also say that this motor is a brushless hollow cup motor, which is also wrong. Because the hollow cup structure has a big characteristic, that is, there is no iron core, if there is no iron core, there will be no magnetic resistance when the rotor is pulled out, but the magnetic resistance of the 2 magnetic pole motor is not only there, but very large.

The diameter of the rotor and carbon fiber sleeve is more than 22mm, which is normally 22mm.

Rotor length is 80mm, as to why not use vernier calipers, because the magnetic is too strong, not easy to fix... In addition, why is the efficiency of this 2-pole motor higher than the normal 4-pole motor? Except that the stator has no slot, it can put down more copper wires in the same space. There is also a point that the rotor of a 2-pole motor does not have a slot between the magnets in the middle of a 4-pole or more pole motor. The volume of that slot is also filled with magnets, and it is a circular magnet, which is not easy to explode.

In addition, Tommy also measured the internal resistance of the motor, which was more than 3Mω. Under this Kv, the internal resistance was relatively low, second only to the 1721 motor of the castle. The lower the internal resistance, the less heat loss under the same current, the higher the efficiency.

Compared with the usual high-power motors, the rocket's two-pole motor shows Castle 2028, LMT3060, Rocket 45115 and TP 4070 from left to right.


Friends with rocket another 3680 size motor, ran out of the domestic 1/10 fastest record 265km/h, indicating that the motor can still be. Follow-up more speed measurement results, but also have to wait for the model friends large-scale use, can be shown.


In a word, rocket, a powerful series of motor, can achieve the extreme 2 magnetic pole motor, which really makes people sit up and take notice of this brand, and suddenly has high-end products. As for the follow-up product exactly how, that can only be slowly tested.



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