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The new fist product of consumer drones--DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation-RC Toys China

The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

Hello everyone! Thank you for the opportunity to buy Lao Ji, and let me be lucky to be the winner of the public beta product of the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition. Nothing to say, all in the wine, the new fist product of consumer-grade drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version of the drone evaluation I wish it is worth buying and doing better, the editor is happy and worthwhile Friends early to test their favorite products!


The unboxing picture will not be posted. Not only a waste of everyone's eyes, but also a waste of website space. It's just a bunch of cardboard boxes torn down, and some of them broadcast? That's all, the red arm and the remote control on the front are the protagonists of this public test - the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition.

I created a creative GIF myself. The shooting angle is not very good, not particularly satisfied. Recorded with a domestic mountain dog and a tripod. Thank you to my two good brothers who silently control the drone in the back! The color of the GIF animation is poor because in order to control the size of the picture, only 256 colors can be selected! In fact, Lao Ji's legs are not short at all. It is true that this T has been worn for 3 or 4 years, and it has been washed too long! !

First of all, let me complain, the editor wrote the courier number in a string. The box for me is sent to Wuxi by courier. Are you scared to pee? The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

The full text is divided into 5 parts

1. Static evaluation - Test and evaluate the Phantom 3 Standard version (hereinafter referred to as the low-end version).

2. Horizontal comparison-Laoji's 4K version of Phantom 3 (hereinafter referred to as the top version) is a horizontal static comparison with it.

3. Comparison of photo effects and video demonstration of core functions (hot spot surrounds, fixed-point routes, etc.).

4. Video display of post-editing

V. Summary

Part 1: Static Evaluation Let's start with the accessories of the aircraft! The host is the most important, and it should be put in the final stage.

First is the box. It can be seen from the picture that the box of the low-end version is slightly shorter than the top-end version. There is basically no difference in size.

Open the box, and inside is a cardboard fixing mold similar to kraft paper but much thicker. With the accessories brought by the drone, you can easily put them inside. After all the accessories are put in, cover the upper cover, and the aircraft can be effectively protected inside and play the role of shock absorber.

Can't tell what material it is. Kind of like the egg tray for eggs in the supermarket.

The charger is relatively small. Output 17.4V/3.3A

Charger interface with a protective cover.

ID photo of the remote control. Move the slider to the right to turn on the power of the remote control. The connection between the low-end remote control and the mobile phone is through wifi, which is more convenient. The data cable is no longer required, and the embarrassment of forgetting to bring the data cable is avoided. fake


A short, lean antenna. Since the remote control distance is reduced to less than 1000 meters, there is no need for a long antenna.

The S1 paddle on the right side is used to switch the flight attitude during flight, from GPS mode to hotspot mode, route mode, heading mode, etc., very useful. The new version of Phantom 3 has launched the long-awaited hotspot mode (that is, the pot brushing mode, which is to draw a circle around an established object, just like brushing the pot with a steel ball, so it is called the brushing pot mode, in fact, Lao Ji thinks it can also be called The new fist product of consumer-grade drones in the toilet brush mode—DJI Phantom 3 Standard version drone evaluation), route mode (that is, the flight path is pre-set, and then the aircraft flies according to the specified path, and operates midway. user can change the flight speed, the direction of the aircraft, etc.).

On the left side is a rubber-covered dial that adjusts the camera's tilt angle. As well as the S2 paddle (I don't know what it is used for), the new fist product of consumer drones -----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

In addition, I found out that the length of the two control rods of the remote control can be adjusted. It can be adjusted only by turning the screws on the control rod, which is suitable for partners with long hands and short hands. (Who is short-handed, you are short-handed!

A clip for fixing the video transmission phone. . It feels very bad. Compared with the fixed plate of the top version, it is really weaker than a circle.

The mobile phone clip and the connecting rod are connected by a universal shaft (always support the universal money tide! The new fist product of consumer drones----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version drone evaluation), and by tightening the screws at the rear, to secure the phone clip. The inside of the clip is also wrapped with a softer rubber to prevent the hard plastic clip from causing wear on the phone.

ID photo of the main body of the aircraft. The silver nameplate in the middle of the machine reads STANDARD, and the top version of Laoji is the nameplate of local tyrant gold.

The marking on the motor to determine the desired propeller color has a small black dot in the middle, which means that a black propeller needs to be installed. Install the grey propeller without the little black dots. Installing the propeller is a very, very careful job. If it is installed incorrectly, the aircraft will be damaged.

A close-up of the battery compartment, with a battery glowing below. Don't worry about the battery being installed backwards, it won't fit in.

There is a wire in the middle of the landing gear, which is the antenna used to receive commands from the remote control. It cannot be covered here, especially metal objects.

Soul of DJI 3: Gimbal and Camera

Due to the sudden and small wind force and the vibration generated by the motor work, the drone cannot maintain complete stability in the air. The function of the gimbal is to capture the flight action of the drone. to fine-tune the camera in reverse to counteract the shake. Simply put, the gimbal is the anti-shake function! !

The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

The upper part of the gimbal is connected to the main body of the drone, the lower part is connected to the camera, and the upper and lower parts are connected through four soft connection balls to counteract the vibration generated by the drone during operation.

When the drone is not in use, use the plastic gimbal holder in the picture to fix the gimbal to prevent damage to the gimbal. Tucao, the low-profile version of the fixing frame is so tight that it can't be taken off at all. Is it possible? During the process of taking off and installing it, it will hurt the new fist product of the gimbal's consumer-grade drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition Drone Review! Lao Ji used a file to remove a layer, and it was a little thinner. Now there is no problem. The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

Behind the gimbal, you can see only the bare gimbal, missing the indoor positioning system of the mid-range and top-end versions.

On the side of the gimbal, there are two electric shafts, which are the active gimbal and need to be adjusted with electricity.

The low-end version of the memory card is directly installed on the camera, not the top-end version on the gimbal.


The random gift is an 8G SanDisk card.

Part II: Horizontal Comparison good.

The static evaluation of the Phantom 3 Standard Edition ends here. Below is my top version.

First of all, the difference between the machines priced at 7,500 yuan and 4,000 yuan is posted.

The above is my own typesetting from the screenshots of the webpage, about the main differences between the two machines.

The ID photos of the two planes are basically indistinguishable in appearance.

You can't tell the difference from the top. I want to complain here. I clearly uploaded a horizontal version of the picture. Why does it become a vertical version when I upload it? ? And I tried it 2 times! !

The biggest difference between the low-end version and the 4K version of the host is that the low-end version lacks an indoor positioning system. This system uses sound waves to judge the height of the aircraft from the ground, and uses the video acquisition system to collect patterns and objects on the ground to judge. The position and inertial orientation of the aircraft are corrected.

The one on the right is the top version, and the three small black dots are the sonic vision test system.

However, the sound wave positioning system is not as easy to use as imagined. DJI released a video to introduce the precautions of this indoor positioning system, and there are many. No solid color on the ground, no slopes of more than 30 degrees, no flying heights over 3 meters... In short, there are a lot of restrictions, and there are very few environments that can be used.

Compared with the other two versions of the Phantom 3, the 4K version has one more 4K video recording function, and the other two only have a maximum video recording of 2.7K. In my actual use process, 4K video recording is very little, not only takes up space, but also the post-editing is terribly slow, and now the highest video website is Blu-ray level, that is, 1920*1080. 4K recording is still useless within 1 or 2 years (for micro-movies, big movies, etc., it is still useful, it is said that they are all using 6K video recorders).

The top version has a protective layer on the outside of the lens, and the low version has no protective layer.

There is not much difference in appearance between the two aircraft, except for the indoor positioning module mentioned earlier. But the remote control makes a big difference.

The material is very different, and the plastic texture of the low-end remote control is slightly stronger. And the top version is to install the mobile phone directly on the fixing frame, and the low version is a new fist product that uses a clip to clamp the mobile phone consumer drone-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version of the drone evaluation top version For tablets like the iPad mini, the low-profile clips should not be able to hold such a large tablet, only mobile phones.

It can be seen that when operating the top version for recording, taking pictures and playback, you can directly operate it through the physical buttons on the remote control, while the low version has to be operated on the screen of the mobile phone, which is inconvenient and easy to operate. Operation error.

The top version has two custom buttons on the back of the remote control, one of which is set as one-key vertical/horizontal of the gimbal. more useful. The low-end version does not have this feature. However, this function is optional, and it is not as important as the physical buttons of recording, taking pictures, and playback.

The batteries used by the Phantom 3 series are exactly the same, but they are not universal with the Phantom 2 or the Wu.

The chargers are also different. The bigger ones are the ones with the top version, and the smaller ones are the ones with the lower ones. As you can see from the picture, the top-end charger has two output ports, one for the battery and one for the remote control. The low-end version has only one output port for rechargeable batteries, and the charger is a microUSB charger for general Android phones. In fact, Lao Ji feels that the charging system of the low-end remote control is more user-friendly. At least when the remote control is out of power due to negligence, you can use the power bank to make an emergency.

The two chargers are not only different in size, but also have different output voltages and currents. The output of the top version is 17.5V/5.7A. The low-end version is 17.4V/3.3A.

Lao Ji also tested the performance of the two chargers. The same two batteries were used with 25% of the remaining power, and the charging test was carried out at the same time. After a while, plug it into the plane to check the power. The large charger that comes with the 4K version charges the battery to 77 percent. In the same time, the small charger equipped with the low-end version only charged the battery to 58%. It seems that the large charger is really powerful!

Since it is a low-end version, there are differences in appearance and hardware. There are bound to be differences in actual performance. Otherwise, consumers who buy the top version will go crazy.

Compared with the 2000 meters remote control distance of the top version, the maximum remote control distance of the low version is only 1000 meters. The distance of real-time image transmission has also dropped to 1000 meters. But I can comfort everyone, I have used the top version for 2 months, and the farthest I have only flown to a distance of about 400 meters, and it will never go further. The new fist product of consumer drones----- DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition Drone Review! Therefore, even the low-end version can meet the requirements for use.

On the DJI forum, I have seen a flying friend remotely control a distance of 1700 meters by the sea. It is really amazing. I absolutely dare not. So far in case the machine blows up, when you run to the place, it will be picked up by others.

3. Photo comparison and core function display

The first is the comparison of photo effects. The two drones are placed in the same place for shooting, with a time interval of 5 minutes, which basically eliminates errors that may be caused by environmental factors such as sunlight. The camera settings for both drones are also identical. (The 4K version in the two pictures has a wider range, because the settings of the pictures are different, and the heights of the two pictures are not the same, which should be the reason of 16:10 and 16:9)


Normally there is no difference. So how about zooming in?

The picture above is the low-end version, and the picture below is a composite of the enlarged screenshot of the 4K version of the kindergarten plaque. It doesn't seem to make much difference, Lao Ji feels that the sharpness of the low-end version seems to be higher.

It doesn't look like the cameras of the two drones are different when it comes to taking pictures. At least not visible to the naked eye.

What follows is a video demonstration of some of the core features.

The new version of DJI in August has a major upgrade. The previous brushing was done manually, and it was difficult to achieve smoothness. The new version released the hotspot surround function. Just fly the drone directly above the main body you need to brush the pot, select the center of the circle, and then fly away from the main body to select the radius of the pot to brush, you can choose clockwise/counterclockwise to start brushing the pot. The following is a video demonstration of brushing the pot, the brushing machine: the main body of this article---the low-end version of the wizard 3. Recording equipment: top version Wizard 3. In order to show the brushing pot more intuitively, I accelerated the video.

look carefully! look carefully! There's a small plane spinning next to the flagpole!

In the process of brushing the pot, you can still change the direction, radius and speed of brushing the pot, which can be fast or slow, far or near. Very human. You just need to flip the joystick to achieve, very comfortable. The new fist product of consumer drones -----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version of the drone evaluation And the camera can also be rotated in the pot.

After the introduction, the major upgrade in August also includes a waypoint mode, that is, the flight route is pre-recorded, and then the drone can fly according to the path and altitude you set. During the flight, you can change the flight speed and the orientation of the camera. It also speeds up the video.


There is also hot spot follow in the major upgrade, that is, the aircraft follows the remote control. There is not much empty field to demonstrate, this function is waiting for everyone to experience it after buying DJI! The new fist product of consumer drones----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version drone evaluation When I ski in winter, I can let the drone help me record video, so excited



The next video is a video of testing the indoor positioning system. Two Phantom 3s take off indoors at the same time, and watch the stability.

It can be seen from the video that the top version of the Phantom 3 on the left is very stable, there is not much drift, and it is basically suspended in place. The low-profile version of the Phantom 3 on the right has a very large drift. In the film, the violent pulling of the aircraft is the action of Lao Ji operating the aircraft to return to its original position. The rest of the drift is carried out by the drone itself. So if you need a small partner who often uses drones indoors, the positioning system is very useful, you should at least buy a medium version. But if you use it outdoors most of the time, then the low-end version is fine! !

4. Video display A few panoramas first.

The first two have no sky, the reason is because Lao Ji can't make up the sky, this requires relatively powerful PS technology.

The picture below is the picture that Lao Ji made up for the sky. The traces of PS are very obvious. Is there a master who can repair the sky? Can you teach me about it! Please leave a message!

Let's take a look at our harsh air environment. Therefore, there are still quite a lot of restrictions on the plane going out to collect images. Flying in the sky, the line of sight is far away, and the haze is very clear, so you can only go out when the weather is particularly good.

Just talk and don't practice the fake handle, just practice and don't talk about the silly handle. On the video, let's go!

On the first day of National Day, it had rained all night before, and the dust in the air was clean. I hurriedly went out to the square to shoot a video. During the later editing, I discovered that the clouds in the sky are moving very fast under the impetus of the strong wind. In the video, you can see the traces of the clouds drifting by, which is really beautiful. Especially at the beginning, when the drone was pulled back, the shadows caused by the clouds slowly moved away. I was lucky enough to get the most beautiful materials without designing. The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation

I made this video directly on my phone using iMovie downloaded by IPHONE, without the computer involved in the whole process. First use the feature film mode to edit and accelerate the video to leave useful material, and then use the trailer to directly select the clip. Very simple. Brainless! ! But if you want to make a good video with your heart, it is quite hard work. In the 100-second video, I flew 6 batteries and went to it 3 times. Every time I felt a little lacking, I went again. Virgo can't be hurt.

Remember to choose the original picture quality to play! Although it is claimed to be the quality of the original painting, it is still a bit worse than the effect after editing on the computer. I don't know of any website that can upload videos in absolute original quality. The new fist product of consumer drones ----- DJI Phantom 3 Standard version of the drone evaluation Anyone who knows about it, please tell me.

 The video below was made with AE and VideoStudio X8pro. Please forgive me that AE only modifies the title and nothing else. The editing, acceleration, and transition of the video are all done on X8, and PR is also ignorant. The font of the title seems to be a bit jagged, which is the reason why the level is not in place. Hey everyone, please.

Remember to watch with the original quality of clarity!


The video is not so much. Each of these two videos was completed with enough care (the first video took 6 batteries and 2 hours of material! The second video can match the BGM and transitions, so it should be more attentive. Performance). So don't submit a lot of unintentional videos. Xiaobian, please don't be too small!


V. Summary

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard aerial photography aircraft tested this time fully meets the normal needs in terms of use functions.

Compared with the 4K version, the daily 1080P shooting effect is exactly the same. There is no difference between the proofs of the photos taken.

 And the convenience of firmware upgrade is far superior to the top version. The low-end version only needs to be downloaded according to the prompts in the mobile phone's image transmission software. It will be automatically transferred to the drone and then automatically updated. It is very convenient and mindless (the 4K version needs to download the firmware. To the computer and then transfer to the TF card and then insert it into the drone to upgrade).

 There are also some downsides: the remote feels too plastic and feels cheap, especially the clip that holds the phone in place. The GPS module should be reduced. When recording videos such as hotspot surrounds, the 4K version has 19 satellites for positioning, and the Standard version has a maximum of 9 satellites. The charger is also reduced, and the charging efficiency is reduced. However, these are just some small accessories based on price, which do not reduce the overall performance of the drone too much.

All in all: it is a very worthwhile and most cost-effective recreational drone! If you need a professional drone, don't buy the 4K version, just buy "Wu"! If you give me another chance, Lao Ji would rather buy two STANDARDs! Not a 4K version! The new fist product of consumer drones----DJI Phantom 3 Standard version of the drone evaluation Of course, if I choose again, I should buy the new fist product of "Wu" consumer drones- ----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition Drone Review

This review ends here. Thank you again for your trust in Lao Ji and giving me such a valuable drone for evaluation. Lao Ji also tested this drone very carefully, and dispatched a few pilots to assist, finally worthy of the editor's trust.

Lao Ji has been doing baking but didn't put too many orders, because the valued friends who were baking suddenly appeared like bamboo shoots after the rain, and the works were all beautiful, much better than Lao Ji, so they didn't participate in it.

The next original trailer: Baking. The first related original article in Aunt Zhang, the mold is still on the way, and it can start in a few days. Please support us. Thank you Lao Ji here. The new fist product of consumer drones-----DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition drone evaluation





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