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[What is worth buying 2022 article] Tsundere's domestic product: capo 8x8 too drag CD15822 remote control car-RC Toys China

[What is worth buying 2022 article] Tsundere's domestic product: capo 8x8 too drag CD15822 remote control car

Three months ago, I posted a big S remote control car, and at the end, I made a notice, saying that it was a post for this car in a month. Unexpectedly, the delay was three months, and it was finally completed on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Let me introduce the brand capo first. Although it has an English name, it is a purely domestic product, and the manufacturer mainly exports it. The domestic market does not pay much attention to it, and the output is not large, so the after-sale service is average. In fact, the after-sales generally still have some reservations about him, because the after-sales is really dissatisfied. Specifically how to dissatisfaction, listen to me in detail.

When I got the goods and installed it, I dropped the front of the car a bit. Because it is all metal, the scratches are obvious. I called the after-sales service and said to order accessories. After the sale, I agreed, saying that it would be sent in a few days, during which I called n times to communicate, always shirk, and did not say that it was out of stock. I called and said that the person was in Hong Kong, and I waited for two or three days, and so on... In the end, I waited for three months, but I didn't receive the accessories. I discussed with local model friends to use the ones collected by others.

The whole car has cost a total of 25,000 so far. Expensive and not expensive, worth it is relative. At first, I also thought it was a bit expensive. I bought a toy car for more than 20,000 yuan. Later, I slowly learned that if a model of this level is made in Germany, it can start at 50,000 or 60,000 yuan, and it is very easy to complete it. 10,000, so this model is still a cheap and high-quality representative in the eyes of foreign players. Looking at the finished product, I don't think it's cheap, but it's worth the money.

The car I got is said to be the last one in stock, and it is unknown whether the manufacturer will resume production in the future. It is said that this car has also been authorized by the Taitou manufacturer, and Taitou has also ordered a lot.

Three months ago, I just saw these pictures before I decided to place the order, and it was great.

The explanation is almost done, so I started to unpack. Many of the photos in this post were taken by mobile phones. It is inconvenient to take a camera while working. Please forgive me. The manufacturer, SF Express, sent a wooden box.

The manufacturer is very funny, printed on the wooden box "When opening this box, please pay attention to stabilize your emotions to avoid fainting".

There is no paper manual, there is only a U disk, and there are many videos in it, which are assembled according to the video, but the video does not have the modified circuit part.

When the box was opened, it was stuffed with pieces of iron, and the three-month nightmare began.

Pick the easy one first and install the front of the car.

Then there's the back fight.

The chassis is assembled. I have to say a few words about this chassis. The design is good and the workmanship is also very good, but the assembly of the workers is too bad. Many screws are twisted, and no screw glue is applied. Loud sound. All I had to do was break it up, re-screw the screws, apply screw glue, and oil them. This job took several days. Otherwise, if the screw is lost, the car will be useless after running. The common problem of domestic products, even if the technology is passed, the assembly is not good, the quality is still not good. Rather than receiving such unintentional semi-finished products, I would rather buy them all in pieces and assemble them slowly.

This car is a plain car in my hand. The sound, light, and remote control have to be reconfigured. At the beginning, the controller selected was the 10-channel of futaba. At the end, it was found that the channel was not enough, so I had to change it. In this regard, imported cars are better. Although they are all plain cars, the original factory provides a wealth of modified parts, which can be used without debugging, which saves a lot of trouble.

Third-party accessories, these things have to be installed.


under construction.





By this time, it is almost finished. It is found that the remote control channel is not enough, and it is replaced with 14 channels. This controller always felt that he was hacked by the agent. It cost more than 3,000 yuan for licensed products. The charger was equipped with 120v, and the manual was not in Chinese. It should be a large number of parallel imports.

A photo with the original 10 channel. With an extra 1,000 yuan, the hand feel has improved a lot, and it has also sunk a bit.

I made some minor modifications. The glass of the original car is transparent, and there are too many wires in the compartment, which looks messy. I originally prepared the darkest color of the Vegur car film and wanted to paste it, but the glass of the car model is too small. The drums are always playing, which is a bit far from the expected effect. Give up the car film and spray it directly with black paint, and the effect is ok. 

The original car wipers are brass and also sprayed black.


After the assembly, I can't remember the corresponding functions of the remote control, and the labeling machine I bought before can be used again.

Assembly is complete.

Talk about the shortcomings, such as the lampshade in the picture above, when both are tightened, one is flat and the other is oblique, which is a design defect. In addition, many screws in the whole car use hexagon sockets to save money and trouble, and the German-made models use bolts for simulation.



Summarize the installed functions, the headlights and fog lights are adjustable, the follow-up turn signals, the double flashing lights are adjustable, the reversing lights, the warning lights are adjustable, the wipers are movable in three gears, and the starting sound of the V8 diesel engine is simulated. If you don't dial back the lever of the remote control, it will simulate the sound of no ignition all the time. When you dial it back, the sound of the engine working normally. The warning sound and the horn sound are quite similar, and a winch has been added, which can be retracted and released remotely.

That's basically it. It took three months before and after, and it took too long to wait for various accessories. It is not recommended for novices to get this, pure self-abuse.


















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