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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10

4DRC V31 Fighter 180mm Wingspan 2.4GHz 6CH EPP RC Airplane Glider RTF One Click Takeoff 360° Stunt Rollover Fixed Height Hover



Brand Name: 4DRC

Item Name: V31 Fighter

Version: With Camera

Color: Blue

Material: EPP

Wingspan: 180mm 

Length: 250mm

Height: 70mm

Power Output: 4 Strong Motor

Battery: 600mAh 

Light: LED Dazzling Light

Remote Control: 2.4G 6CH

Package Size: 28x22.7x8.1cm


1. Unparalleled Power: Equipped with four robust motors, the V31 Fighter is engineered to deliver optimal power for an exhilarating flight experience. This power-packed performance ensures that you have the strength to navigate through the skies with precision and control.

2. Durable and Lightweight: The V31 Fighter is constructed with EPP materials, renowned for their lightweight yet sturdy properties. This not only guarantees the longevity of your aircraft but also enhances its maneuverability, making it an ideal companion for your skyward adventures.

3. Extended Playtime: With a 600mAh battery at its heart, the V31 Fighter ensures longer flight times so you can enjoy uninterrupted exploration. This powerful battery means less downtime, more flight time, and sustained performance.

4. Captivating Appearance: Bathed in a stunning blue color, the V31 Fighter is as visually striking as it is performance-oriented. But it's not just about aesthetics; the unique color also aids in visibility, making it easy to track the aircraft in the sky.

5. Illuminate the Skies: The V31 Fighter comes fitted with LED Dazzling lights, turning every flight into a spectacular light show. These brilliant lights are not only captivating but also enhance visibility during twilight or night flights, adding an extra layer of safety and excitement to your flying experience.

6. 4K Movie Grade Camera Record Exciting Moments: Excellent Imaging Performance, Inspiring Unlimited Inspiration, Making Aerial Photography More Shocking.

Package Included:

1x 4DRC V31 Fighter

1x Remote Control

2x Battery
1x Color Box