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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10

ESKY Eagles 1100mm Wingspan EPO Trainer Beginner RC Airplane Glider PNP

Brand name: ESKY
Model: Eagle
wing span: 1100MM
Length: 871MM
Flying Weigh: 755g
Max Flying Time: 15Minutes
Material: EPO
Packing Volume: 980*260*250mm  1900g
Motor: Brushless Motor 2306-2250KV
Servos: 8g*4


* Mid-push layout, safer.
  With a safe mid-push layout, the motor and propeller are placed in the middle to avoid motor/blade injuries caused by aircraft crashes. Make practice safer and more secure.

* Quick install and quick release, easy to store.
  Quick-install and quick-release design, and is equipped with a custom-made hardened Poly box, which can be carried - installed - flying anywhere, anytime. Installed in less than 3 minutes! Disassemble faster!

* Stronger and lighter.
  High-rate EPO materials to ensure both strength and light weight. And the structure, the fuselage adopts a hollow double-layer plate structure, and fully utilizes the space to ensure the strength of the body to the utmost. Main wing and tail wing adopt a hollow and double-sided bonding process, and a large amount of carbon fiber material is added to strengthen the structure to make the strength stronger and the weight is lighter.

* Exquisite and innovative hidden design.
  The elevator and rudder control mode adopts concealed design and high-precision production process. The lift and rudder have no exposed steering gear, no exposed rocker arm, and no exposed connecting rod. The whole product is elegant, generous, neat and beautiful.
* Mechanical structure.
  The elevator adopts full-motion flat tail control mode, which has higher control efficiency and better effect. The clever flat-tail design makes the aerodynamic effect better and the control efficiency is higher. The ailerons are reinforced with special carbon fiber tubes, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the control and enhance the efficiency of the aerodynamic effect.

* Efficient cooling system.
Recommend Parts (Not Included):
Battery: 3S 2200mAh 20C 
Radio System: 4-channels or above 

Esky Eagles spare parts

Package Included:
1x ESKY Eagles RC Airplane PNP

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