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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10

HGD1 1/28 Rear Drift-Repellent RC Car Parts Electric DRZ XRX Mini Z Racing Car RC Model Need to Assembly

Drift mosquito car body configuration
1. Carbon fiber bottom plate / second floor plate can be adjusted 8 wheelbases from the factory
2. Metal front and rear adjustable inclination 
3. Metal motor base, metal large tooth support base, metal rudder frame
4. Metal steering cup, metal front bracket
5. Metal adjustable ball differential
6. Metal tempered transmission shaft dog bone, wheel shaft
7. Full car metal ball bearing
8. Metal high-precision adjustable rubber steering rod
9. High-precision glue rear beam angle glue adjustable pull rod
10. High-precision rubber wheels and professional racing just drift tire-like smooth experience better drift feel
11. All-vehicle rubber teeth, smooth, silent and durable, all-vehicle gear

Electronic equipment
1.5G digital servo, the response speed is over, mainly stable enough
2. The speed of the brushed 130 motor can reach 25km per hour at 30,000 rpm. It is already very fast. The brushed ESC is produced by ourselves. The low-speed linear feel is first-class. In terms of aspects, we are stubborn.
3.3500kv brushless 1625 motor fine version, retail 138, other homes can sell more than two hundred oh It is cool to play, low speed linearity and strong explosive feel
4. Adopt 7.4v300 mAh 25c rechargeable lithium battery, with strong explosive force, the average playing time is within 30 minutes
5. Standard USB charging cable, charging time within 1.5 hours.
Note: without tires

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