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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10

JJRC C1 Amphibious RC Car 2.4G Remote Control Boat 2-in-1

Color: blue

Battery capacity: 3.7V 400mAh
Use time: 10-12 minutes
Charging time: about 90 minutes
Remote control distance: about 30 meters
Remote control battery: 1.5V AAA*3(Not included)
Product size: 13.5*9.0*7.0mm
Color box specification: 18.5*18.5*9.0cm
Color: Yellow, Blue

* The product has: forward and backward, left turn, right turn, drift and other functions;
* Large-capacity battery, convenient plug-in battery structure, so that the battery life is longer and the battery installation is faster;
* The aircraft has two speeds: high and low speeds can be switched freely, adapting to different environments and different experiences;
* The remote control car has an automatic alarm for low voltage 60-120 seconds in advance, which further improves the safety of driving; * USB high-speed charging, battery charging with protection function, automatic power off when fully charged;
* The product has the function of remote control car and remote control boat, Free switching, the remote control car realizes all the functions of the remote control car on the market. It comes with a drift U-turn, and you can experience the perfect drift feeling of the remote control high-speed car.
* There are two ways to play, namely: 1. Ground mode 2. Water surface mode. Experience the remote control boat yacht galloping on the water;
* All-in-one gameplay, easy to operate, free combination of remote control car and foam hull, realizing sea, land, and multiple gameplays, easy to use the switching of gameplay modes, not limited to the environment (indoor, outdoor, swimming pool and other water surfaces)

Package List:

1* jjrc c1 amphibious RC Car


1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)