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Free Shipping for all products. Subscribe to use 10% Off code: RT10

YP1 Radio-controlled Aircraft Toy UAV Quadcopter 4K High-definition Aerial Photography Folding Children's Toy Aircraft

Color: black
Product name: YP1 4K high-definition aerial photography drone
Product color: black/red
Unfolded Size: 25 * 25 * 4.5CM
Single product weight (including storage box): 376g
Remote control distance: approximately 120 meters
Takeoff weight of the fuselage (including batteries): 110g, with separate batteries of 24g
Flight altitude: approximately 120 meters
Storage bag size: 23 * 18 * 6.5cm
Charging time: 60 minutes
Battery life: about 20 minutes

Product features: dual camera switching, fixed height function, optical flow positioning, aircraft folding, 360 ° roll, speed switching, headless mode, six way band gyroscope, one button takeoff, one button landing, ascending and descending, forward and backward, left and right side flight, turning. (With camera, functions can be added: gesture photography, recording, headless mode, emergency stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensing, automatic photography, automatic recording)

Product configuration:
YP1 RC drone* 1
Remote transmitter * 1
Body battery * 1
One set of spare blades
USB cable * 1
Screwdriver * 1
Instructions * 1
Built in high-definition camera * 1
Aerial photography manual * 1